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  1. Next leg down begins any day now. SPY puts 2-3 month exp is free money

  2. December 1st we will begin the next leg down. SPY 410 is the absolute top for this bear market rally.

  3. SPY has a couple days before it begins the descent to new lows. 410 is the absolute top this time.

  4. It has been beaten down almost to 2019 level… if there is ever a time to buy calls to swing, surely that time is now…. Right ?

  5. But that and any other purely financial burdens would be mentioned up front right?

  6. A title search will show all other liens owed.

  7. Yo if you buy a foreclosed home, do you have to pay all the property taxes the prior owner didn't?

  8. Foreclosure is done by the lender. If there is a mortgage then taxes are required to be paid. Worst case you may have one year of back taxes to pay. I flip homes and have rentals as income.

  9. Thanks for your analysis. I scalp SPY for income and have been green every day for the last 2 weeks until today. Every “breakout” except for 3 small ones was actually a fakeout and I got chopped up by stoplosses. The real winner today was the market maker. Tomorrow is a new day fellas, let’s reset and get back to it!

  10. I am wearing the same tin foil hat. Many of my favorite YouTubers who promised they would not go away have been uncharacteristically silent. I mainly talking about my favorite robot YouTuber

  11. I’m very active in his discord. He still holds AMC and the game stock but we focus on intra day SPY scalps while we wait for moass.

  12. The bulls who dont reaaally trade are having random calls hit and memes were pumping yesterday. Close to local top

  13. Canary in the coal mine are the memes… the end of this run is very near

  14. Yes I think that is the absolute top for now

  15. sometimes when i want to feel better about myself i watch the video of mia khalifa fucking a fan

  16. She completely humiliated the poor guy lol

  17. I put it in cash last November and rolled back in at 380 I'm fine

  18. That’s when the market gets manic. My gut is telling me rn is the prime time to load up on memes. They gonna go ballistic once spy starts doing crack.

  19. Yep yesterday I grabbed GME calls for Feb for this coming run. Already up 20% today after the cpi and that was pure luck. I rolled them up and will only add this position until the meme craziness. Then it’s back to put time.

  20. How long are they gonna drag this election on for? Just give the ‘pubs the dub.

  21. Awesome position OP! This should pay out very nicely in then coming weeks… FMANN opex cycles make GME go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. Man he literally said at this meeting that they will continue to raise above the target rate as much and for as long as they need to do so.

  23. That's not what this post is about. please try again.

  24. Just a joke my man. Thank you for the very in depth breakdown of options!

  25. Oh sorry then. Lots of folks trying to create a narrative about me as an "options pusher" ... Whatever the fuck that is .so I wanted to nip that one in the bud

  26. Ya I remember seeing the hate on ss and it’s a shame. I have always appreciated your hard work and in depth DD. I trade full time for income so this write up about options is highly useful for me also. Much appreciated bro.

  27. It doesn't matter what CPI is. GME will run.

  28. Ive always appreciated your ideas bro. What are your thoughts on GME right now watching it bounce around all last week and this week with no big push?

  29. I just got done mapping out a normal distribution of price that I'll post. I'm slightly changing investing behavior. I'll post something when I can. Before the weekend ends.

  30. When this shit is over I’m buying a fucking gold chain with GME encrusted in diamonds. Fuck Wall Street

  31. Now that the t+69 cycle has completely been broken, I have wondered what will happen next. I could see the obligations not being covered until they are forced to under a catastrophic condition such as worldwide market crash. Almost every squeeze I have studied has around 2-3 years before the final and largest run occurs. We are going on 2 years and this is coupled with the possibility of complete systemic collapse. I’m holding strong and I’m only building my Jan 23 $27 call position. I’m hoping you are right about Nov, and if we see $12 between now and then, I will quite literally be already all in and under such mental anguish that I will have no choice but to hold to 0 or unimaginable highs. I didn’t get in this play for chump change. I’m here until the system crashes and I get fucking paid. GME baby.

  32. Once again you have outdone yourself Luminus. Thank you for the quality DD and reassuring me to hold. After this T+69 that appears to be a dud, I was starting to falter a bit in my hope. Of course I’m much heavier in GME than anything but seeing the way BBBY is going out of business and Adam Aron is completely squandering AMCs money is still causing me to doubt our basket stocks. Brick and mortar game stores can’t compare to the ease of digital download and Amazon. The crypto wallet was a dud and couldn’t have come at a worse time IMO. I’m not at all trying to spread FUD, I’ve just been thinking that there may be a reason these stocks are overly shorted, a reason the SEC allows it, and a reason the CEOs (except for Cohen) have cowered from the oppression. I have seen the models for the TSLA split and Overstock dividend and they are compelling. Thank you for yet another example of a squeeze. Im holding onto end of Nov to see what the t+90 brings forth to us. I haven’t given up yet and I’m with you guys until the end.

  33. Fuck I have watched these calls go positive then negative then positive again the last two days! I’m ready for some violent upside price action!!!

  34. Curious to know what delta you typically sell your CCs at?

  35. I never talk delta into account. I always sell three different strike prices to couple gains with risk minimization. I sell one third for the strike just above max pain, one third 10% above that, and one third 10% above that. I’m almost never assigned to sell the shares since most of the time GME trades sideways and down. I sell 1-2 weeks out and in the event I think a run is coming such as next week I don’t sell the CCs for that week until I see the run happening at which time I sell when I think I see the top, once again the same three strikes i listed. These in the money CCs print so hard and I sell them for 3-4 weeks out to give them time for the price to come down. Then I repeat the weeklies until I think the next run is coming. Normally the week before the t69 is when I don’t sell CCs to just wait and see what happens. I see guys talking about delta values but I find max pain much more valuable when it comes to the dance between maximizing profit and minimizing risk of losing shares.

  36. Solid strategy! Makes me rethink how I have been selling CCs. Usually just pick a strike around 20 delta if IV is low, but if I anticipate VUPs, I hold back. Haven't sold CCs in about 1.5 weeks because IV is so low right now and even 20 delta strikes 1-2 weeks out are still pretty close to spot price. I have to be careful because my cost basis is still in the upper 30s and assignment means lots of money lost.

  37. Ah in that case if I were you I would wait for this run to peak and sell contracts at or just above your cost average for 2 months out. Upper 30s isn’t bad bro and if we hit gamma neutral at 32.50 (and I think we will) you will still collect a bag and not risk assignment under your cost basis. Just my friendly opinion of course. That juiced IV is your friend so might as well sell the top and let it ride rather than selling high 30s contracts when IV is low or even “medium”

  38. Long term bear short term bull

  39. We can stop it, it requires sacrifice though. We cannot be swayed or seduced by Greed or Lies. As a Farmer for Liberty, If you can do what is necessary by planting the Seeds of Freedom into the Heads of the ALL WEF Tyrants, they will fertilize the soil and the Land of Liberty will Thrive. Regardless of political stance (which is how "they" got so far, but Trump told them to Go Fuck Themselves, that we would not be taken over by The Radical New World Order) United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

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