1. Is there no hot water in the store? If so, the store is supposed to close until it's fixed. You need it for both hand and dishwashing.

  2. I suggest you not underestimate the staggering drawing power of the Garden State and show up two hours in advance.

  3. That's stealing and also against SBux policy. Definitely report it to whoever you feel comfortable doing so.

  4. Left my HS job at Pizza Hut and drove to my aunt's house on the off chance that the world actually ended would be with family. Then nothing happened. We had a regular NYE

  5. You summarized it well. Watched the show in real time as an early teen, and it was always my favorite season. Puck as gross as he was sometimes, he's not necessarily a bad person. Pedro died the day the last episode aired in Nov 1994, really sad timing.

  6. The same thing happened to me years ago. Quit in August and was still in the system until November. Some managers don't make it a priority or they forget.

  7. OK, do you want details or is your mind already set on me being the problem.

  8. You are the common denominator in your dating issues and also the only thing you can change about it. Take a hard, honest look at who you're attracted to/who you attract. See what changes you can make to have a different outcome. Or you can sit back and blame other people and stay where you are now. The choice is yours.

  9. Where exactly is this? I love chilacates

  10. Never let them tell you that! Next time, call facilities, it is not your job or safe for you to clean that up. It will cost the store less than $1000, they can afford it.

  11. I’m dying to know what’s going on BTS rn at ABC. They could get in trouble if they didn’t disclose these relationships to HR. Also since it’s Disney they might have morality clauses in their contracts.

  12. ABC already said they will take no action. Two consenting adults on the same professional level. As long as the two of them did not act inappropriately at work, then it's a personal issue.

  13. That was between 2 anchors, I'd love to hear their stance on a producer.

  14. Exactly! Would be a totally different story. Someone would be losing their job.

  15. Wallflower’s Bringing Down the Horse is my go-to

  16. Out of curiosity, what do you mean you use your decaf bar steamer? Do you have a separate espresso machine for decaf and just not use the steam wand on it?

  17. Assuming OP's store still has the older Mastrena, then one would have reg esp/blonde, and the other has reg esp/decaf. The machine with decaf is usually bar 2, less used than the bar 1 machine.

  18. Yeah yeah whatever. I'm done pointing out to all you Nina bashers why you all sound like a bunch of hypocrites. I'm over it. If hating Nina so much makes you feel good then carry on

  19. don't "hate" Nina or any character, we're all here to see what happens to the Ice Princess, obviously! lol

  20. I'm sorry but how was Nina in the wrong in this particular situation???

  21. Unless it's near that Pennsylvania ocean that only Dr. Oz knows about.

  22. Yeah, that's supposed to say "there's NO ocean." I couldn't edit it for some reason.

  23. I keep telling my self that its part of the storyline for the big reveal…while I am pulling my hair out lol

  24. Think the Shepard as director seasons were good. They were tight-knit group that had a lot of potential.

  25. If they had released their album before Friday, February 13n 1970, and had an American fan base. Great choice, though

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