1. 1.) This comment is 3 years old. 2.) I’ve been in enough fights, And I never once beat someone who’d been clearly incapacitated.

  2. If you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection or any smart functions you can buy a programmable 7 day thermostat for like $50. Honeywell T4 thermostats are pretty solid imo.

  3. The real answer is using a threading machine to tighten fittings against the threader posts.

  4. Did it quit working after the nut came off or were you investigating why it wasn’t working?

  5. Not unless there’s a fresh air makeup.

  6. Fairly new to the series, I am at around 6.45 or so, is this actually a game?

  7. In the same sense as jigsaw from the Saw movies played games. Real people, real consequences, set up by beings who view mortal lives as game pieces to manipulate. Remember what Ivolethe called the system.

  8. Yeah and the strange visitors during the solstice right?

  9. I work in HVAC but I am no white nationalist. I think it’s more a trades thing than it is HVAC specifically. Burning or freezing your ass off on a roof is no cause for being a jackass though. We should just be out here trying to make people comfortable.

  10. I’ve used a version of this for my students and it was like playing a click through mystery sim from 2000.

  11. The only reason they gave was that outside vendors/contractors electrical appliances aren't allowed on their power without being certified by their electricians first. It's 7:30PM and electricians left at 4:00PM. So I grabbed this little guy out of the truck.

  12. I will never understand the audacity of someone asking for help and then berating all of the help.

  13. You clearly don’t know much about construction/demo work. When the day is over, the day is over.

  14. I discovered this series about 2 weeks ago and have crushed books 1-6. The narration is excellent.

  15. Each creates a Delayed Trigger. And, when multiple Delayed Triggers are created before their Trigger even occurs, then they will all Trigger.

  16. Sorry for clarification cause I'm a bit new to MTG, but does that mean that if you were to say..

  17. This post is 3h old as of this comment. OP is probably still tightening that screw to this very moment. One quarter turn and a dropped bit at a time.

  18. DO NOT EVER USE A FACTORY FLARE ON A LINESET. It takes 2 minutes to cut the factory flare and make a proper flare.

  19. Why's that? I've not had much issues with them personally speaking.

  20. It’s been very rare that I find a good factory flare on a lineset. I had a leak years ago and from that day forward I cut and reflare. It takes 2 minutes so why not have a piece of mind after 2 minutes. You have to remember most mini splits are heat pumps so the vapor line can go from cold to hot pretty quick sometimes. Temp changes make copper pipe expand and contract.

  21. I guess I'll adopt that routine. Never had much issue, but I'll give a go from now on. One test that I'm trying right now is on my own personal equipment. I AM using a factory flare there, so that's an added variable I didn't consider. But I have a unit in my garage where I've torqued both flares, but I've also added a green wicking threadlocker to the threads after torquing the flares.

  22. Some egghead along the way figured out if X > Y they save money.

  23. Ease up would you? They’re just trying to protect their equipment. You would do well to encourage your customers to think likewise. This level of forethought should be encouraged rather than disparaged. There’s no sense in being crass with someone trying to do the right thing.

  24. How much yellow refrigerant you see out there?

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