1. Omg thank goodness I’m not alone! She is soooo annoying! She is fake as hell and it totally does not come off as natural or sincere. Every time I see her on the episode I groan in disgust. Please stop putting her on.

  2. The number of people who didn’t get my reference is surprising. Y’all all have homework! Go watch Stepbrothers!

  3. I never liked her and still don’t. I won’t watch anything recent with her on aside from Pillowtalk and I always roll my eyes at how much she complains or has to make it about her. She’s self absorbed and a snob.

  4. Heavy eye roll and not a bit surprised!!! I have never like Loren like ever. She’s that one upper, oh you had Covid I had it way worse… you had a preemie I had it worse…

  5. My issue is she isn’t divorced. And I say this as I’m not either. Any dating I have done I have not lied and my kids haven’t known. You can’t open a door while one is still open.

  6. Lol I kinda feel that way about a lot of couples. I’m like I get it you are having sex…for me it’s the “I came to fuck”. Or “I’m going to fuck the shit out of him”. I like please stop noooooooo.

  7. Sorry but the whole of them are a dumpster fire. TLC we don’t want them any of them. He’s an ass, she’s an idiot, her family is a bunch or fucktards.

  8. WOW! Omg, I’m not a Nat fan, but holy hell did they find her opposite. I’m disgusted honestly. I understand having a hobby I don’t get the selfie with a dead animal. Sorry. And I won’t lie but I have doubts that she ate these poor animals.

  9. This is so specifically accurate L M A O. That is the only episode of any show I’ve seen where I have only been able to watch it once. I’ve rewatched The Office through like 15 + times and I literally cannot bring myself to sit through Scott’s Tots because of the second hand embarrassment. I’m normally prone to second hand embarrassment, but Scott’s Tot’s is the most intense I’ve ever felt.

  10. Omg yes…100%!!! After my separation the office was my comfort. I know it weird. I know the show so well and love it. Probably 50 plus…most I’m asleep. There are episodes I can’t…Scott’s for tots is one. Many Nelly early as well.

  11. I could not watch without seeing him as a bear and if he pulled the hood up it would have ears!

  12. Bill is from Mass soooo…distant relative! Love John!!! Best part of the show and Tell all. ❤️

  13. As a New Englander and I’m not from Boston but we live for this shit, love you John! I’m single hit me up love! 🥰🤗

  14. Bilah is a narcissist. Break you, bring you up, get you to take the blame when your hurt. Been there done that.

  15. I’m so sick of Debbie and her double D Wizard son.

  16. Let’s not forget she’s dying to get laid!!! Hey bud don’t mind the kitty box next to the bed.

  17. Lol love the kitties just commenting on the litter box placement. Candles, check. Flowers, check. Music, check. Kitty box, check.

  18. Why does Andy's favorite movie being Transformers make SO much sense

  19. Same and agree with the other comments. She is so sweet. She deserves a good guy. Honestly and no I don’t care for him but Isaiah would actually have been a good match if he’d picked her from the start. I don’t think Sydney really wants him…I could be wrong.

  20. For sure doesn’t care about Deb in my opinion. And to me that’s the turn off with him. It’s fine it you aren’t interested but don’t play someone. I’d your mom and grandmother raised a good boy do her right and let her go.

  21. Same. Dude looks just like him and she’s like he’s my type. Courtney likes to dip her toes in many pools and then move on. Just my take. Listening to her talk to the guys it’s hard to watch.

  22. I was so distracted by the dude with mullet! So many questions! All the questions…

  23. It’s a show…don’t hate Andy, he’s young and clueless. I agree everyone should be honest, because they have literally only know each other weeks maybe. I feel Sidney is the one to blame. If she was only interested in Isaiah she would never have gone to even talk with Andy let alone kiss oh it was him…we saw the kiss it wasn’t short. She annoys me. I think she needs drama and a dude to pay attention to her due to drama.

  24. She’s in love with the filter version of herself.

  25. Ugh I was hoping they had crawled under a rock and were gone. I’m starting to feel over the whole TLC shows. It use to me go to and right now I don’t want to watch any of it. I only catch pillow talk every now and then, because they actually show a few real people on it.

  26. Omg wtf…Andy a douch but for Sidney to act like it was unexpected. 🙄

  27. If this is what happily ever after looks like, I’m staying single forever.

  28. I literally said out loud “ewwww, hell no”!!! And I kinda mean it about all of them. Don’t think I can watch the annoying, abusive and train wrecks.

  29. Agreed I feel viewing it she on the spectrum. I think she did her best to keep an open mind and go on a second date. She was sweet and kind, but did not feel a connection and wanted to stay friends.

  30. I almost feel like he could have been against breastfeeding so he “wouldn’t miss out on anything” And wants control. Like feeding the baby. Seems like baby was being over fed or not tolerating the formula since he kept puking. 😢

  31. That’s exactly what I thought too. Plus she just did drugs 🙄 it would be in her breast milk. God he’s an asshole. If he was my son I would have beat his ass for his behavior.

  32. I have zero hate for Dani, but I do feel she has unrealistic expectations in dating and a potential mate. I agree she needs some outside guidance from family. We are all flawed and I believe she sees herself in a different light. Confidence is great, yet I doubt she will find love with her list.

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