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  1. The first two barrels are for a Light Twelve with a 2-3/4" chamber, and the third barrel belongs to an Auto-5 magnum with a 3" chamber. They aren't interchangeable.

  2. Got some.ofnl thoae in the works, just want to see if it's possible. Cut down on liners and bring cost down. Actually already have some 5.5 inner diameter tube I ordered for another project so I'm gonna see what happens. It'll be ez22 mounted through the breach block.

  3. Why even ask the question if you're unwilling to listen to the answer?

  4. Only the amendments have been withdrawn... Either delete this misinformation or change the post title.

  5. I lost the cap for my passenger side weeks after buying the car... I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the hell happened until I saw your post! Glad I'm not the only one... I guess.

  6. That's a gorgeous shotgun... But all I can see is the big grinning cartoon cyclops that they engraved smack dab in the middle of the receiver ;)

  7. I haven’t used a grip like this but I’ve got an observation -

  8. Sand doesn't dissolve in water bud... You'll have to take it apart and clean it.

  9. When I saw the hockey tape on the grip I thought you were just a troll...

  10. lol. Hockey tape is actually pretty good, cheap and adds some nice grip.

  11. Are you talking about an A5 or an Auto-? There's a huge difference... $500 is about $1100 cheaper than an A5 should be, but it's reasonable for a used Auto-5.

  12. I had a Magnum, but I went back to the Light Twelve because it really is noticeably lighter and handier. I just buy decent bismuth shells for ducks these days, and I shoot so few that it doesn't really cost me much.

  13. "To Hell on a Fast Horse" by Mark Lee Gardner was really good. It really humanised Billy and Pat and opened my eyes to how senselessly life was wasted in those Lincoln County War days.

  14. Thrills... Tastes like soap, and that's their marketing strategy!

  15. The picture is very clear and shows the front retaining ring broken on the cylinder.

  16. Yes... All very obvious once OP has explained it in a subsequent post....

  17. I'd keep the 16g Auto-5, the 28g Remington 1100, and the 20g of 410g Superposed... All fabulous guns that are never going to get any cheaper or more available.

  18. Wherever you sell them, make sure you don't get ripped off!

  19. Everyrime I see him he looks more and more like Amy Wong from Futurama...

  20. Thats a bit of a misconception. Plum bluing was quite common from German factories. It had to do with inconsistent salt levels in the bluing solution. Its most common on extractors, but you’ll see it on pretty much any metal component that was blued.

  21. Just push the button and let it snap shut like it was designed to do. It doesn't need your help to operate correctly.

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