1. That’s strange. I listen to mine with volume under 50 per cent with no issues. What kind of music do you like to listen to? I use them with an iPhone 13 max pro.

  2. No crackle on my M4! Just some of the greatest sound I have in headphones. Wired or wireless. Sorry that you’re experiencing a defective something or another

  3. Try the athm50x. Or Koss PRO4s. The JBL Everest 700 Elite. If you can find one. I have em all. They sound like a Grado to me.

  4. Looked into the Koss PRO4s, and got mixed reviews on how flat and “boring” they were. Which is pretty opposite to what most would describe the “Grado” sound. I’ll have to check the reviews again. Thanks.

  5. I think the PRO4s has a v shape to coin a phrase. They are not as balanced as the Sony MDR 7506 for example. Add the ATH M60x also.

  6. So dragonfly attached is much better than just the v40, despite its quad Dac right? That's crazy, v40 is designed to be an audiophile phone 😂

  7. Lg40 alone sounds pretty good. Add the Dragonfly and you get more volume. That may make it pop as they say

  8. You will not find a better sounding headphone whether it is wireless or wired in my opinion! I use them a lot since I got them. With no software issues.

  9. Grado headphones sound excellent when I lower my volume. They are magical at normal volumes. When I crank them they begin to scream at you. So lesson learned.

  10. The ANC is always controlled from your phone app. Regardless of what device you are using to play the music. Use it. It will work.

  11. It’s a joke. Sound is what everyone cares about. If you want specs got to the manufacturer website I would think.

  12. I have 225x. I enjoy them a lot. All around a great masterpiece of a headphone. Enjoy the 325x.

  13. Grado build quality is excellent. The Grado sound is in your face and detailed. I’m never dissatisfied listening to mine

  14. Can’t go wrong with the Yamaha amplifier. Klipsch speakers are also solid.

  15. Just picked them up on sale. I was reading that the sports buds come very close to the 700s sound profile. I own the sports buds and like it. Looking forward to compare.

  16. I have a few Grados. I think the sr80x or the GW100 Bluetooth versions would serve you well. No amps. Plug directly into you device. You will get great rhythm from both models.

  17. I’m an owner of the 225x. I enjoy their ability to retrieve the details and also play at low volumes without losing anything. Bass is ample but not added. What’s there in the song you get. I’m very happy.

  18. I like natural bass, I dont know the difference between 325 and 225 soundwise

  19. I can only speak to the 225x. The bass is natural and presented as if you were close to the band. I have not listened to 325x

  20. I would recommend a Grado SR225x or a sennheiser HD 559 for open air types. And a Audiotechnica m50x or a Bowers and Wilkins PX 7s for closed backs. All of these headphones can be simply plugged into your PC because they do not need any additional amplifier to get loud. All models are easily available. Prices matter little to good sound. So you will find these suggestions all around your price point.

  21. I’m using a Mayflower O2 / ODAC. Works great with SR225x, RS2E, and everything else.

  22. I’ve had this amp for years, bought when it was current and in stock at my local hifi shop. I believe they come up on the secondary market. There are way better options available now though.

  23. Try a porta pro Bluetooth version. Solid sound. Simple controls. Or for more money the Grado GW100.

  24. Both of those are open backs that don’t isolate at all. They’re looking for noise cancelling.

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