1. I was a ward clerk for five+ years, under three different bishops…there is no official list. And once in a while they would tell us to ignore the unofficial list, and reach out anyway.

  2. I knew it! That's why I have to tell each new set of missionaries to go away! My dad was excommunicated and we moved two hours away and the bishop down here said he was never excommunicated. They are horrible at keeping paperwork imo

  3. Missionaries coming to my door is the worse experience ever for my anxiety. Most the time we stay far away from the door and they leave post it notes. I tell them go away and then new ones keep coming back a few months later. The problem is that as our ward volumes shrink they keep merging wards together and with new bishops and relief society presidents and they aren't keeping good records on inactive members/excommunicated members.

  4. My boyfriends (son) almost 17 year old thinks he can make money playing video games by steaming. He’s been streaming since he was 14 and still hasn’t made any money. He refused to get a job and is close to flunking high school

  5. This sadly reminds me of my cousin. I have little respect for people who don't grow out of gaming when it's time to become an adult, BUT my youngest cousin nearly changed my mind about it when he received a full ride scholarship to go to a college through their competitive gaming team.

  6. This sadly reminds me of my cousin. I have little respect for people who don't grow out of gaming when it's time to become an adult, BUT my youngest cousin nearly changed my mind about it when he received a full ride scholarship to go to a college through their competitive gaming team.

  7. This is spot on “ You can be completely invested in the church and realize the entire thing is false in a matter of half an hour.”

  8. I was 11 or 12 when I lost faith in all religion. And it happened when my Sunday school teacher started a lesson with, "I dated your mom once a long time ago." And ended the lesson with how we go to another world called the Spirit World that has a bridge from paradise to spirit prison where those from paradise can teach those in spirit prison. Not sure his exact words but I remember him drawing a world, divided in half and a bridge from one side to the other.

  9. Yes. Similarly, we had to talk down a dad-to-be from Theodore even though it was his maternal gpa's first name, as their last name was Bundy. His poor wife was in utter distress of his Insistence and he wasn't reading the room.

  10. But with updated firmware you can essentially make it a Spike Prime. The hardware is identical. You just need to update the firmware.

  11. Pybricks is correct. I tried to do it today. LEGO also confirmed this was the case. I have a RI with SA2 firmware now and I'm not able to download SA2 on my computer because I already updated to SA3 for my spike prime hubs. So I currently only have spike prime legacy app online to support my RI w/ SA2 firmware and that will be defunct June 2023...

  12. This makes me so frustrated. I just updated my RI to SA2, and then tried to convert it to SA3, but alas. What am I supposed to do when spike app legacy is gone in June? I guess I will convert that to pybricks :)

  13. Just a quick follow-up on this issue. I did here back from Lego on this problem, the response is disappointing but it confirms that the two hubs are actually different.

  14. Well crud. I just updated my robot inventor today to spike app 2 in hopes to get it to spike app 3... Isn't spike app 2 supposed to go away in the summer, or am I wrong about that?

  15. So is The Satanic Temple like the 2k20 version of FSMism? Even though the Church of FSM is still very much alive. Praise His Noodly Appendage!

  16. If you don't have time to purchase one on the first inspires dashboard, you can reach out to local teams or your FLL state partner for some assistance. I'm sure a local team will be happy to help you.

  17. This forum isn't very active and is mostly for FLL: Challenge. If you're on Facebook, the

  18. Side note: I wish it were more active. I'm not a fan of facebook. In fact, I am only on facebook for FLL Challenge: Share and Learn Group. But I agree, OP will get more out of the fb group for FLL Explore.

  19. Do you live in Utah? Cause none of you people ITT would be considered weird elsewhere around the country. In Utah there's arisen a sort of subculture obsessed with living as antithetical of a lifestyle to Mormonism as possible. These people will whisper to all their buddies that you must be a Mormon if they notice you don't tattoos or don't do drugs. Feel weird for not indulging in sexually charged conversation? No worries, cause it's more likely their regaling of sexual escapades

  20. Nope, I live on the otherside of the country and people have been telling me how weird I am for decades... I just believe that a lot of the morals I hold are "because the church told me to," and I don't know how to get past that.

  21. I am in my 20s and left the church fairly recently. But I feel like most of my values haven’t changed. I also don’t drink or do drugs, don’t swear, and am uncomfortable with the idea of sex before marriage. The most rebellion I’ve mustered is trying the occasional green tea.

  22. My son went to nursey once in his life, and when we went to pick him up the lady points up to the picture of Jesus and asks, "who is that?" and he responded, "daddy".

  23. They sent out new alerts when some information has been added or updated. There is a 5 month old twin missing and has been missing since 11:45 PM 12/19/2022. If you don't have kids, a 5 month old cannot survive very long without food or warmth and the 1st 5 month old was found in a parking lot in the dead of night at the Dayton International Airport. So its at least important to know what the woman looks like and the car, but I get getting loud alerts constantly...

  24. Ah, thanks for providing actual information instead of just calling me a monster for asking. The additional alerts yesterday and last night just had the same message about the car with the missing bumper, no indication that there was new information to be aware of. I was confused more than anything.

  25. I get it. They have been hitting in the middle of the night, but it is moreso because the faster they get info out, the hopefully sooner it will help bring the baby home. The amber alert didn't even get sent until hours after the twins were abducted and two people have camera caught conversations with the perp, but they didn't know about the woman until after they received the amber alert. The police might have had her if they only sent out the amber alert earlier. The only reason the one was found was because a traveler heard the baby screaming in the airport parking lot. She just left him out there to freeze to death. But your phone is not broken, you are good!

  26. Trigger warning! I’m gonna go ahead and victim blame here. Who the fuck leaves newborns in a car all by themselves running with the doors unlocked on high Street?

  27. The culture of victim blaming definitely shows how our society values women and children. What is really sad is this is what people cling onto it enough to make comments like this, how is it effectively solving any problem? It is only distracting. The focus should only be finding that baby right now. Redirect your anger towards the real criminal here, the person who abducted those kids.

  28. Another thing pissing me off is people not doing a timeline. I've seen people solve fucking crimes online. People are nosy and thats one thing I do like about the internet. So I hope people do what they can. Check cameras, keep an eye out. If everyone just kept looking or remembered seeing her.

  29. Italics are what I added. I haven't heard any updates since yesterday...

  30. It really is a huge error. It’s so sad. Can we all just get together and go 70 towards Dayton and canvas!! How hard can it be to find that Honda with no bumper. Unless she has drove into a pond or something. She has no $ she will run out of gas eventually…. I hate that it’s dark now. I can’t imagine.

  31. Honda with no bumper and purple paint on the left side of the car, because she also was in an accident on the way.

  32. I am reaching here, but one of her baby's daddies is from Dayton. He lives in New Mexico now, but maybe his parent's still live in Dayton? From what I understand family has custody of the kids...

  33. NTA There is no way rekeying cost less than what you were going to pay him. That's what I'm hung up on with the mom being mad. I personally would hand the mom the rekeying bill and ask how he plans on reimbursing you for that.

  34. Wait.. you said you had 6 HG babies? 🫣 if so, then you are biggest hero I heard of … Can you describe your hd experiences? May I ask you if any of your babies had any issues because of hg? HER says 50% of babies have neurodevelopment issues…

  35. All my babies have been FAT healthy babies! My oldest has sensory processing issues (really he is otherwise normal - he doesn't like certain sounds and textures), but he has learning disabilities that don't stop him from learning, is gifted and incredibly advanced in school. My second child has extreme emotions, but I am not sure if that is a phase in development or her actual behavior (as in if she is happy, she is really happy, when she is sad she is really sad) - the intensity is extreme, overly dramatic. However, she is the most social out of all my kids, so I don't think its impeding her ability to create relationships with others. I don't have any delayed children. Everyone seems to function normal other than what I mentioned. My youngest is now 4 months old. He has met all milestones faster than my other kids did, so I would say he is normal, and I had the worst HG out of all of them with him.

  36. NTA but late to the game and want a follow up. I agree with the person said charge him to use your car.

  37. Wow, I almost wrote this exact comment! While my family was nearly middle class (we could afford food) my single mom had an eating disorder, so there was never food in the house. She was ways on an extreme diet, therefore so was I.

  38. Wow. As a person who had dealt with eating disorders for 20 years, I've been the exact opposite of your mom. I make sure the house is stocked with a variety of food for my kids (not hoarding) because my worse fear is they will develop a disordered relationship with food. I've been in recovery since my first was born, and now I have heart disease and have to be very vigilant to not screw up my eating behaviors which is very difficult for a person who lived in a disordered world for half their life. I truly feel for you and your family.

  39. Okay so as a Male I want to know when do the Parental rights of a Father come into play when a woman is seeking and abortion for what is his child too.

  40. Look, if a man is in a position to want children or be pro-life, etc:

  41. Does it have a flat almost subtle chemical, smell that's light and heavy at the same time?

  42. Could also be ozone if they are weed growers.Ozone generators make a smell that will make your throat raw and nose issues because it oxidizes tissue.If they didn't have filters these little generators are sometimes used.

  43. That would make sense for the neighbor at the end (not next to me) I don't know if they grow, but they definitely sell because there are always randos on their back porch at night during the summer for a few minutes at a time. But they've been here for at least 5 years, I figure I would have noticed this odor before if it were from that.

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