1. Send source for that information (as that was never stated in the manga or the anime adaptation and no one mentioned his star before the CA success) and anyway that has nothing to do with the requeriments for the 2nd and 3th star, the hunter bylaws hasnt change so the requerimets hasnt change either. he still need knuckle or shoot to became a 1 star hunter to became 2 star hunter himself (chap 331) and then a 3 star hunter

  2. Dude, re-read the manga lmao. Morel is already single star and will possibly become Triple Star.

  3. I never said otherwise tho i just said for that to happen knuckle or shoot must get 1 star first and that it was never stated that morel star was given for another motives other than the CA mision read chap 331

  4. If there is talk in the association about Morel potentially becoming Triple Star, it means that Knuckle and Shoot have been awarded single star, so Morel is qualified for Triple Star.

  5. There is one thing I won't ever forgive the author for and it's how he treated Adams. I don't even mind Adams being a pure vilain, I'm completely ok with that, but man, he wasn't just a vilain, he was a fucking weakling. The point of a jobber is to be explicitely strong so that the guy who defeats him with ease looks good. In this match, Yagyu doesn't look good because his opponent looks like even sleeping-mode Musashi could beat his ass.

  6. Netero, Ging and Pariston at the top.

  7. Ging, Beyond, Linnet Hors-d'Oeuvre and I'd like the other two to be people we've never seen yet.

  8. I always found it interesting that Zeno only had one kid. I wonder if there will ever be a reason why it was so and if a potential dying off of the Zoldyck name was ever a plot point in the past. Silva then proceeds to pump out a bunch of kids to keep the bloodline alive

  9. We could be introduced to potential Silva's brothers in the future. Maybe once he took the head of the family, the other siblings went on their own ways and left the Zoldyck domain. Or perhaps he had siblings who died on various jobs.

  10. Honestly pretty well done. I love how well thought out these seem to be. I especially liked Cheadle's ability here as you'd never assume her to be an Enhancer. I don't understand the purpose behind assigning a shadow power to Saccho though?

  11. For Saccho, I wanted one Zodiac in the group to have a stealth-based ability, and since he's a discreet, silent, "Problem Hunter" who said himself that he's "active behind the scene", I think it would suit him well.

  12. Imo Ging is an emitter, that would explain how he mimicked Leorio's ability so easily.

  13. Very possible. Honestly he might be any category (besides Manipulator and Conjurer which really don't fit his personnality in my opinion). However, I prefer to think he's a nen master who has an incredible mastery of all the categories (kinda like Biscuit), which is like he can reproduce Leorio's ability easily. Ging is a lone wolf who prefers to be alone but he's so charismatic that he can't help but have people arround him that follow him, I think it matches Hisoka's personality test quite well, that's why I put him as a Specialist.

  14. Love it, though I'll need to see a bit more of the alternative mechanics that your offer.

  15. World-scale missions like that might be once in a decade. But none ever came to the level of dangerosity of Meruem and his three royal guards.

  16. We saw how the Kurta lived in the mini "young Kurapika" spinoff, I highly doubt that.

  17. They were playing with that exact same tape.

  18. There are a lot of fanfictions that considerably expand the number of combat-related spells in the Potterverse. JK Rowling was never really good at writting magic duels anyways.

  19. It won't ever be animated to begin with, so your question is irrelevant.

  20. HPMOR is my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction, and to take this unpopular opinion further, I'd say I prefer HPMOR to JK Rowling books.

  21. All y’all choosing Nen need to have a reality check lmao. You wouldn’t last more than a few days if this were the case. Hell the world might not last more than a few days

  22. There would be a phase of chaos but it would stabilize after a while since there aren't a lot of people with the potential to learn more than the basics + governments and the army would soon hire a lot of powerful nen users to arrest those who use it to commit crime.

  23. Lmao half the United States doesn’t give a shit about people who commit atrocious, treasonous crimes, especially some of the Government officials! What makes you think they would actually use their power for good rather than their own greed? I think you severely underestimate the ill nature of world leaders.

  24. Never said they would use their power for good. But they wouldn't use it to spread chaos because nobody but a handful of psychopaths in the world want chaos. People want money and due to human nature, a lot of people (but not all) are ready to do ethically bad things to get the cash, but if the world is chaotic and it's anarchy everywhere, you don't have any place to spend your money and get the comfort and luxury you're wishing for. So spreading chaos and destruction don't lead to any benefice for no one. That's why I think the world would stay kinda stable but you'd get a lot of people creating abilities that would get them money quickly, and due to lot of people fantasizing about becoming superheroes and get all the fame and glory, I'd bet you that you'd actually have even more nen users willing to work for the government and the police force (for money, sure) to arrest bad guys... than actual bad guys using their abilities to commit straight-out crimes.

  25. You will apologize to me if the theory is wrong because I call it bullshit.

  26. For once, I prefer the unofficial TCB translation to the Viz's one. Viz translation is lacking personality in this chapter, especially with the Hei-Ly goons.

  27. Viz tends to shorten the translation, it sometimes lose some substance (but is easier to read)

  28. Holy shit, the french team should hire me to do a short and proper translation. Their current translator is incompetent. I noticed it's only like that in the last volumes so they might have changed their official translator with this one.

  29. He accepted the deal in this chapter.

  30. Well I never believed it anyway. But to answer your question about if I'm wrong. Look I don't wanna sound like a jerk here but I'm pretty confident this is Chrollo not Hisoka. I will make a detailed post about it after chapter is officially released. However if my theory turns out to be false I have already made a bet with someone that I will issue an apology on this sub. However I'm not afraid. I'm 95% certain this is Chrollo. Listen I'm the biggest Chrollo fan on this sub. I know his personality very well. The guy speaking to Hinrigh? Yep that's Chrollo

  31. Lynch litterally confirmed that it is Hisoka, so your theory is already destroyed completely.

  32. I think that HxH is one of the best mangas of all time but I really dislike the anime. I think it completely butchered the Hunter Exam arc, Yorkshin and also Greed Island. Only arc that was good in the anime was the Chimera Ant arc.

  33. They're doing the same thing as they doing with Chainsaw Man volumes? That's cool

  34. Scream x God's accomplice is by far the most broken because it's instant kill against anyone. Baise's control ability x God's accomplice is also extremely broken.

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