Third world country with a fake Gucci belt

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  • By - K-88

As many as 8 dead in mass shooting at upstate New York supermarket: Law enforcement source - ABC News

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  1. The boomer gen is pretty happy with their fat pensions and the America they spent most of their careers in.

  2. It’s a common misconception that most Boomers have fat pensions. The vast majority have very little retirement saved and it’s a pretty big crisis.

  3. It’s not the most desirable area. Not saying it’s bad, but that is why the prices around there are solid. I’d note that it will probably go for close to $250,000, when a few years ago it was probably like a $150,000 house.

  4. Wait until you find out how a majority of the nation's electricity is generated.

  5. Can’t see it working considering only search works for attorneys, so no reason to open it up to video discovery display. You’ll likely just get spam.

  6. Tell me you don't know how inflation works without giving out stimmi checks to half of the US

  7. So it was the feds fault. Love how the right never have personal accountability. Always blaming it on other people.

  8. These same people would cry foul if the fed arrested him for just posting things on the internet and not committing a crime yet too.

  9. am i the only one who’s kinda looking forward to a recession? gas will cost less, 401k contributions will be worth more

  10. There’d have to be a good chunk of people that own homes that lose their jobs during the recession. So it’s possible, but it won’t be 2008 like where the housing market was the actual trigger for the recession. Let’s not forget that normal people usually don’t buy houses during a recession, it’ll just be an opportunity for all these investment firms to buy houses on land at an even higher rate.

  11. You know people lose their jobs in a recession usually, right? Typically the rich capitalize the most during a recession., it’s not a good thing. The only people that bought real estate while it was cheap in 2008 was the rich.

  12. It almost seems like when the mainstream media pushes an extremely anti Christian rhetoric for a week it leads to violence against Christians. Most will still say the war on Christianity in this country is unfounded.

  13. Could you not say the same about Fox News and the shooting in Buffalo?

  14. Lol downvote me like Tucker Carlson doesn’t talk about the great replacement theory.

  15. Expect California has laws against owning, purchasing, or transferring magazine fed rifles. So California passed a strict law, allegedly to “prevent this”, and it didn’t work.

  16. I don’t see how any gun law can work without it being nationwide.

  17. My son also had an EIF (yes, in the heart) at his 20 week anatomy scan. He's now 13 months old and walking all over the place and babbling up a storm. My doctor wasn't even going to tell me about it (because people just freak out for no reason) but there was a student with him.

  18. Yeah, I think my wife’s normal doctor wouldn’t have said anything, because she knows she’s a very anxious person. It was a different doctor, so she told us but did start with saying “now this isn’t anything to worry about” and told us all the stats and that it’s nothing, but the damage was already done.

  19. Hi! I had a similar experience with my son who is now a happy, almost 1 year old born perfectly healthy. Nipt was low risk, Nuchal was normal. His EIF was there for multiple scans after 20 weeks, just incase you still see it on subsequent scans.

  20. This isn’t good advice. A potential recession means you could lose your job. Keep the savings, unless you’re really young and have little responsibilities.

  21. Anecdotal but majority of GSDs I’ve met were very aggressive. My idiot neighbor will sometimes not know his is outside and it’s tried to attack the mailman multiple times.

  22. I don’t watch him but I find him to be somewhat sympathetic in that he rails against modern authoritarian/globalist bullshit, but he’s basically just been doing what Russell Brand does now, except the cartoon/professional wrestling version of it.

  23. I mean he sells literally fake bullshit pills to dumbasses. Do you think he is actually doing any of this not for the money?

  24. “Finally here” yet article says won’t be available to buy until 2023 lmao. It’s amazing how good Elon is at duping people.

  25. I think that all of the time. It seems like the nature of capitalism is for things to become monopolized. The internet really was so much better in the late 90's/early 2000's.

  26. Can attest. My parents moved to Clarence from North Buffalo in the late 1980s. UGH. Not my cup of tea.

  27. I admittedly love Clarence, feels quiet and spacious but still close to all your essentials on transit.

  28. Go on job sites, look at your area, and find companies hiring for digital marketing positions. The job market is tough so they’re probably struggling to fulfill the position, and may instead take on a freelancer.

  29. At those salaries you could go well over 600k for a house, which are less competitive.

  30. Investors, corporations, and there are now lenders who will do cash offers as part of a normal mortgage as some weird bank buys it then you buy it from the bank arrangement.

  31. These are single family homes in more suburban areas, so I’m curious why investors would be buying them. Not exactly rental properties or fixer uppers.

  32. It’s basically just another dynamic search campaign but also includes display and discovery.

  33. Crazy thing is they are starting this in countries with low monthly wages. For example here in Costa Rica if you get the 4 device Netflix package, it is like $20 per month. Minimum wage is around 280,000 colones, or $430. It is already expensive enough to make people not want it. Add on to that there is much less content available here than in the US, and the fact that HBO Max is only like $7 here and has TONS of content, this is going to fail.

  34. They are using those countries as the beta test

  35. Was I the only one that was certain the other prisoner towards the end was Two Face? Seeing only part of a scarred face followed by a laugh that didn't sound very iconic (maybe overshadowed by Dano's own great laugh), I was sure it was Two Face until I saw those clickbait articles!

  36. I enjoyed the first half then just wanted it to end in the second half. Very average overall.

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