Don't put metal in a microwave. Don't mix bleach and ammonia. What are some other examples of life-saving tips that a potentially uninformed person wouldn't be aware of?

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  1. Reminds me of the movie "the platform".

  2. I think it needs to be an affordable cut.. but great idea

  3. I 100% agree. Poor mans smoking that takes some trial and tribulation. Lollipop chicken leggs.

  4. Texas and dry burnt ends makes a lot of since. KC here, just banter. Congrats that is a hell of a cook. Keep at it and where you cooking at. Using Celsius was just curious.

  5. Cooking in New Zealand. One half of the smoking population uses F, because everything to do with smoking is American, and the other half use C, because everything to do with temperature is C.

  6. It is all the same in the end, great low and slow meat. Now you have became the bbq guy enjoy.

  7. Put gloves on when you throw that in the gas fireplace. Seems a bit cruel to me but atleast you made it comfortable first.

  8. Cook it, vacuum seal, then reheat with a sous vide to keep it from drying out.

  9. Does not have to be sous vide. Not boiling but simmering water.

  10. Looks awesome. How much did it weigh? Before after trimming? Recipe link? I have been wanting to do one for sometime.

  11. Maybe unpopular opinion. I find injecting pointless and just adds time to cook temp.

  12. Make it with temp off the smoker and after resting temp. A lot of people do not get that meat continues to cook after you pull it off the grill.

  13. This is perfect for "ask for forgiveness and not permission".

  14. Looks awesome. Brisket has kicked my ass. Care to share your method?

  15. Sure man. This brisket was a 16 pounder before trimming. Probably ended up with about 12-13 pounds after trimming but I definitely could have removed more fat from the flat end. I smoke in a dyna glo large cabinet offset.

  16. I am going to try. Unless pointed in a different direction I'm to slice around the tip of the bone and try and shove the meat up as much as I can, and maybe the heat / cook will take care of the rest.

  17. I think to big for one serving unless you have that 1 uncle 😂.

  18. Words suck. Befriend a butcher place. Bring a picture. Show them what you are looking for and they will oblige. They want the business.

  19. Dry meat, season, then if i want a heavy bark i pat mustard on it all (usually only for butts).

  20. Yeah I'm pretty happy with my temp control, the texture of the meat and end result etc. Looking for a bit of fine tuning to a few recipes sometimes and to better understand using smoke as a flavor component without having to test the same recipe a dozen times.

  21. I think different wood flavors is what your after, my favorite is pecan then if sauced cherry.

  22. But did you take into account the rotation of the Galaxy and the constant, but slowing, expansion of the universe?

  23. I did, and it is not constant and it is not an expansion. I picture our perspective of the universe as going down a river with an increasing flow.

  24. When i want hotter temps i make sure the grate the coals go on are elevated to get good air flow all around the coals. This also makes sure the ash build up does not suffocate the bottom half of the coals.

  25. Birds do better hotter smoke temp. Spatchcock and if breast getting done to fast compared to leggs/thighs. Gently laying a piece of foil over breast helps.

  26. Thought about 225 until the breast hits 140 and then 325 up to 160. I'll put butter under the skin too. Thoughts on that?

  27. Compound butter under the skin. Rub butter on the skin. Then fuck the smoker and hit it at 400f in the oven.

  28. We actually have a small container we keep in the sink with water that all the silverware goes into until we do dishes.

  29. My girlfriend and I grew Carolina reapers. We were playing ps4 and she leaves for a bit and comes back to surprise me with bj. After about 30 seconds i could feel the burn.

  30. Cut into pork chops, then went you get tired of chops; butterfly them, pound them thin, bread and fry for awesome tenderloin sandwiches.

  31. Chappelle is an artist that paints with the world views with his words. It is meant to be interpreted through your eyes, so you can reflect on yourself.

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