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  1. Keep in mind that in real life, any high-powered rifle round would almost certainly strike a target 300 meters away before you could regain a sight picture from the recoil impulse.

  2. How is that egotistical? I guess I am just trying to understand. That doesn't necessarily mean they believe that they are better than the rest of the world.

  3. This was supposed to be a reply to another comment. My bad!

  4. Thanks, I seem to be losing a qt every 1k miles, which could mean I am ending up meeting the minimum requirement.

  5. No, that's not good. It shouldn't be empty in 5000 miles. You've got a leak. Those recommendations are more to do with oil purity and viscosity. You should always have your oil full.

  6. In regards to the remaining five, the article states:

  7. I love how he turns and stares the rooster down, too.

  8. And McDonald’s is the most successful restaurant. The Bible is the most popular book. NCIS is the most popular tv show. Fox News is the most watched news source. Ed Sheeran is the most streamed artist. Dumb people consume garbage en masse. This isn’t anything new.

  9. I hate to ruin the "you'd get it if you lived where I did" thing, but I live within 100 miles of you and was raised in rural Kansas. My graduating class was 70 people. I managed a gun store for nearly 4 years, right in your neck of the woods. It seems a little irresponsible to make sweeping statements about a group of people based on your anecdotal experience.

  10. You've got your head in the sand dude.

  11. Worked in an industry that surrounded me with MAGA folks that I disagree with.

  12. Since dawn of time the date of man is that of lice.

  13. Nice try. I know a picture of Brendan Fraser when I see one.

  14. All of this is well and good. My point of contention was that you were using objectively where it clearly wasn't warranted. I think your article is a good resource, and there is plenty to be said about non-visual distinction.

  15. Is it due to earthquakes, insulation and difficulty with hanging things?

  16. Usually those brick interiors come from a time in which frame construction was harder to achieve in large houses like that. Brick takes up more space and is difficult to work with afterward. Keep in mind that brick was often used for all of the walls of a house in the past, and the aesthetic was just a consequence of the construction. I don't know of any new construction homes that use brick on the interior for the looks only.

  17. Putting new brick in a building is kind of not worth the time. If it were an old house that was brick originally, sure. The problem is that masonry frame houses have a tendency to "leak" as the ground settles. Frame construction does this too, but repairing it is much easier.

  18. You are a fan of capitalism yes or no? Whether or not you mildly affirm the rights of some marginalized groups is largely irrelevant

  19. Mildy? Not sure where you got that. Also, it kind of isn't irrelevant, considering that most of the things I believe in are all left wing ideals, save for firearms and the free market. Obviously I am pro capitalism because that assumes less intervention by the federal government, a staple of being libertarian. There are democrats that are pro-capitalism.

  20. How is believing in firearms a left or right wing position, you’re professing to be outside of the political binary but you’re just playing a role in reinforcing it by your limited understanding of what “the left” and the “right” represent within the framing of a coherent philosophy, rather than just le the dems and republicans

  21. I don't know that characterizing left and right as more than just what you feel should be done economically is a limited understanding. In fact, I'd say that not taking into account all of the other factors that play into political philosophy is irresponsible. But fine, let's do it your way. Thinking that free market principles are the better solution makes me right? Okay, I am as right as can be.

  22. Internal safety features usually give you a discount, as do lane assist, etc.

  23. Yep, in fact, within our back end, it asks us if a vehicle we are entering in is a Corvette, Lotus, or Avanti.

  24. Small store. I managed a small business for a number of years. We have to support the little guy. You can (usually) choose not to buy big.

  25. Okay- So, I'm like a highschooler and I'd like to plan ahead...

  26. Yes. The government had decided that even though you paid taxes on every dollar you saved to buy it, and taxes on the purchase itself, you still owe taxes every year because they are the government. The same thing happens with your car (in most states. Literally, just by owning things, you owe money.

  27. Topeka has a drug trafficking and human trafficking problem. This is because it sits at the crossing of I-70 (goes east-west across the country a good distance) and US-75 (goes from Texas to Canada) and is rather sizeable railroad hub.

  28. I can see Kansas from my back porch and I don’t like it.

  29. Answer: Put $12 (10%) into the bank that you never, ever touch. Enjoy yourself with the rest while you're young. Have fun!

  30. And do this repeatedly, every time you acquire money.

  31. I'm a black coffee guy, and honestly? Cheap black coffee. I picked it up when I was selling cars out of necessity (very long hours) and haven't gone back. Maxwell house, Folgers, McDonald's coffee, pretty much anything you might find in a truck stop that's been brewing all day. It genuinely tastes better in my opinion.

  32. That's not a "simple question", it's like saying "what if a polar bear fell from space and crushed a car, who's gonna investigate that if not for police?" There's no actual question being asked, it's just whatever you can say that'll make police seem important.

  33. Really? People being raped is an equivalent to a polar bear falling from space? If there were no police, no women would be raped?

  34. You really are all about the strawmen, aren't you?

  35. No, I'm trying to get an actual answer out of you, but you won't actually rationalize your position. You claim police aren't necessary. I am trying to understand your point of view, so I am asking you a question:

  36. Please show us any health insurance plans the republican party made. They said they have it but where is it?

  37. So you are saying they take away minimum wage while also only allowing the rich to have health insurance? Got it.

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