to disrespect a Latinx queen

*Lowers face into palm*

I needed this today

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  1. Lol I totally got the spelling wrong, Suzanne… I just didn’t edit my fk up. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. I'm relistening now I'm just about to 300 if I find it I'll post it here

  3. Thanks heaps, Just be nice to understand how it all went down. I draw a lot of similarities to both Bry and Brian. Just be nice to hear how it happened and how it was handled. I bloody love Walt, really wish I could be more like that straight edge gangster.

  4. Please post up that white crackheads name so we can bring the full force of abuse this cnt deserves!

  5. It’s every weekend pretty much. I live on Swanston street near the town hall and hear the dumb asses all the time. Been heckled a few times by them when wearing my mask, I truely wish Darwinism would take them sooner.

  6. How about instead of making each other feel bad you proactively make a plan which solves these major concerns around the toddler and support. The baby was a commitment you both made and expected. Granted ol mate should be more proactive in helping make plans to accommodate the upcoming arrival however too often aita asks these questions without actually suggesting that there be a plan or alternative solution for support. Perhaps instead of the guilt trip an open conversation should be had about the impending day. I doubt very much he isn’t as blind to this as you are are stating and having a truthful discussion is likely a healthier option to this problem. Not the asshole but provide alternatives and have a truthful discussion, you’re both about to expand your family again. I wish I had the opportunity to bring even one life into this world.

  7. Just reinforces how boring and bullshit the people not on that list would be. I now have life goals to hit that list as many times as possible.


  9. I’ve been wanting to post this question for months now since the lockdown was eased. I’ve started to just walk at the fuckheads that think the whole path is theirs. Live in Melbourne cbd and really wish the left rule was standard. Feels like people forgot simple life standards after not leaving more than 5kms from their homes. Bring back the lockdown lol

  10. I forget the number but the episode where Q brings Simmi (impractical jokers producer) on to the show and Walt pitches show ideas.. I listen to it all the time but the podcast episode escapes me…

  11. Thanks OP, I only just read this but also really needed some good vibes on this Monday. Shoot your shot Melbourne x

  12. Maybe because of Jackass Forever and the crew fixed to that brand 🤷

  13. NTA You are not your sister, a dollar here and there for support is always appreciated but no more. It’s be like me a gay man asking my siblings to help out for adoption finance, it’s my own choice as it is hers. Also tables turned, would it have been given to you if you were in need. Also, I agree with the top comments, if you can’t afford the money to start with then work towards saving up for it. If it meant so much they would have found the money on their own.

  14. Thanks OP for uploading this, not a dog owner myself but I’ve seen a few folks out there who should have eyes over this.

  15. People forgot how to walk on sidewalks unfortunately. The isolation and and constant focus on phones has had some hilarious incidents I’ve managed to witness from my balcony in the city. Also, all them lockdowns meant there are now two years of young adults going out and getting drunk for their first time. All in all Melbourne has a different vibe I think from two years ago, having said that… it’s a ghost town over Christmas every year so enjoy a nice peaceful melbtown, welcome home op..

  16. Took me all morning to build up the courage (handle the anxiety) to leave my apartment in the city to visit friends in Brunswick. I’m just barely handling it… OP, don’t beat yourself up, our homes have been a bastion of isolation and safety, you’re not on your own with the struggle. The biggest thing that helped me was having a friend slowly approaching it by visiting me in my apartment then just going for a coffee near by. Small steps mate. Also, nothing wrong with staying home too. Big hugs and support for you 🤗

  17. lol sweet country town protests.. get vaccinated y’all

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