AITA for returning home after I found out that my husband booked 1st class for him and his friend while I got economy?

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  1. I cant wait for this whole thing to get quietly get cancelled.

  2. I’d rather have good movies than forced universe building

  3. Couldn’t disagree more, I’m beyond tired of shared universes, especially when it feels forced

  4. Except the majority disagrees. Thats why the MCU dominates the box office year after year. Nobody wouldve paid to see a Shang Chi standalone movie. Someone at DC is finally realizing this. Thats why Batgirl got cancelled. If they dont cancel Blue Beetle youll see for yourself. Sony still hasnt gotten the messages after Morbius. Maybe when Madame Webb and El Muerto bomb hard they will. Kraven too possibly.

  5. Yea im confused, my school had a pool and you could smell it in the whole wing it was in, no one would fall for the roof trick here.

  6. Its usually a scam for schools that dont have a pool.

  7. Yeah, it’s on the roof. But you have to find a senior who’s willing to sell their key.

  8. Came here specifically to see if anyone gave this answer.

  9. No. If he tried this it would not go well. For him.

  10. Hamada really isn't as bad as people say now. Even a couple years ago I commended him for outright saying DC was following Marvel's rulebook and should've shaken it up sooner.

  11. That’s so dark… and gritty… hence 100% realistic.

  12. Incoming redditors saying yeah fuck twitter and then going back to tribalism on here

  13. Ive always found much more actual discourse and discussion on here than on any other social media. Yea theres still some tribal breakdown but its not even close to as bad or as Twitter or FB. And Im on all 3, they each have their own purpose but for having nuanced conversations about a variety of topics, Reddit is the best Ive found.

  14. Not on wrestling threads. If you say anything another group doesn’t like, they come for you and even PM you. Discourse here isn’t better than any other space in social media.

  15. Id be completely behind that. I was just talking about rather than have him doing his own thing separate from a connected DCU. Id love him to be the Batman of the greater DCEU. Especially since hes young and you can do some amazing things with it including finding Robin, Death in the Family, Under the Red Hood, Court of Owls, etc. You could legit have like 15 years of Batman in all kinds of projects with him. I just dont know if he or Reeves want to do that. And its key. Batman is Tony Stark. If youre building a DCU you absolutely need that character. He funds everything, comes up with the plans, and brings everyone together. And hes the one JL membeer willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

  16. Ray was angry because the character " cyborg" had so much potential in DC cinematic universe & he could have archived more than fame or audience recognition or set a new milestone like black panther but it all went in vain.

  17. He had no right to be angry about that though. JL was literally his first movie. Dude hit the lottery and turned on the people that gave him the ticket. Hes a fucking moron and honestly, Im glad nobody will hire him outside of Snyder now.

  18. He comes off as pretty reasonable too. I saw him getting blasted on Twitter for suggesting that despite Zaslav not letting JL17 happen, he would’ve absolutely fired Snyder after BvS. Personally with the way he operates, I wouldn’t be surprised if Snyder was gone after MoS.

  19. Thats what shouldve happened if they wanted to save the DCEU.

  20. When I see someone who displays a punisher logo, I know they probably haven't read the comic books or didn't understand them if they did.

  21. Tie each page to a string with the last one being under a box being held up with a stick.

  22. Fuck the owners, they should pay their fucking rent and quit complaining about how the city ought to conform to their every whim.

  23. Yea fuck middle class business owners and renters! Instead lick the boots of billionaires that wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire! Fucking weirdos.

  24. Not anti-car, I just don't think we should be subsidizing cars, let them pay thier real world cost, especially in a city.

  25. Youre not subsidizing cars by putting parking lots they have to pay for to park at. Are you nuts? Its making it convenient for your customers. Go ahead, build a stadium with no parking and watch the Sixers get the lowest attendance in the league.

  26. It's been really disheartening to see so many that are basically all circlejerking themselves over endless variations of "This was gonna be shit anyway," and "Honestly no one cares about Batgirl."

  27. This movie was going to bomb hard. Still if they are gonna reboot the whole thing anyway theres no point in not releasing it.

  28. If they're gonna reboot everything, I'd rather have Pattinson be its Batman too.

  29. I would too but I think I read him and Reeves werent interested.

  30. Morbius is different case though. Yeah, sure, maybe MCU would do him better, but he is still part of the Venom verse or Sony verse, it isn't unrelated creative project like Joker was. I think they should give opportunity to creative projects if its a great pitch and wouldn't fit in their cinematic universe, like Joker.

  31. I havent seen the movie but I assume outside of the post credits scene the movie isnt connected with any of the Venom movies in any real way. I just heard it was a REALLY bad movie. And when you do that it takes time for audiences to get the taste out of their mouths before you can reboot.

  32. Its a 2 sided problem but how come its always Marvel that we see on headlines? Is it because they're the worst or is this media companies' doing for clicks?

  33. Im watching the Industrial Light and Magic doc on Disney plus and this seems to have been an ongoing problem going back even into the 70s. Theres a guy on it literally talking about insane deadlines and sleeping at the studio to get the work done on time.

  34. Maybe Cap finally brought our Infinity Stone back.

  35. I totally disagree with this point of view. It's stablished here on Reddit that the only company able to make a good Marvel product is Marvel Studios and it's not totally wrong but when you see shows and movies with such poor writing, etc, it doesn't make any sense. I feel like all of you lack opinion and base them over brands and reviews. Both things don't make a movie better! The success of these movies are with the audience. By your opinion, Venom movie was probably bad but it was a box office success. What makes that movie bad other than mixed opinions, if we go with that point of view?

  36. No I think me and you just want different things. A movie can be bad and successful. Venom is a perfect example. So is Spider Man 3. So far the only movie Marvel has made I consider bad has been Thor 2. Thats a 28-1 track record. Id go see a movie about Nick Fury painting his house if Marvel was making it. They gave me 3 incredible Spider Man movies after seeing my favorite character in 3 completely awful ones.

  37. The movie doesn't even need to be good, Bad Bunny's fans are so loyal they are going to see it anyways adding that with the casual/meme viewer, this movie is going to print money. I am already imagining the trailer, they will have a scene and Bad Bunny is going to be shredded, moisture will fill the theaters and living rooms instantly.

  38. Come on...Wonder Woman was perfect (except for the Iranian accent...but it's sexy), Affleck's Batman was the most comic accurate costume to hit the screen, I was upset with the "S" on Cavill's superman, but he physically modeled the comic character and I got used to the suit. Outside of that...Harley, Joker, Huntress...were admittedly shitty representations.

  39. Im not talking about the outfits. I mean yea they all looked pretty comic accurate (except The Flash, which looked horrendous), but his color palette was so dull with them. Its like hes making a comic book movie but hates vibrant color.

  40. That trailer was terrible!!! Also...I have a hard rime dealing with Batman being dead. He's Batman!!!

  41. Even then I’m not sure about that sale. Marvel has about 31.7 percent sales share in comic stores in the final quarter of 2021. Dc had 27.1 percent. If Disney bought just dc. That would give them almost 60 percent of comic sales. I can’t imagine that would allowed to go though

  42. I dont really see antitrust lawyers going after them for the comic book market, but maybe.

  43. I could definitely. They’d have over half of the comic sales. Third place is Image and they only gets like 12 percent. Then boom! Gets like 4.5 percent. Dark horse and idw are close with 3.1 and 3.2

  44. Yea this sounds like some Brokeback Mountain type shenanigans.

  45. Holy shit. Thats some church bell sized balls this dudes got. What the fuck? Who does something like this???

  46. Why are so many of these people obsessed with what other people do? None of this shit affects their life one iota. Why cant they just mind their fucking business? I dont get it.

  47. As a circumcized individual myself, I don't hate my parents for it. Am I curious to know what it's like to not be circumcized? Sure, but I don't think I'm really missing out on anything.

  48. "A man that chooses to represent himself in a court of law has a fool for a client."

  49. I like the one where it says its like a surgeon doing brain surgery on himself.

  50. Nah, I want a reboot. Bury the Snyderverse and start anew.

  51. The way people cycle in and out of government from top flight law firms and major banks and corporations lends credibility to the idea of the Deep State. And reinforces the little guys' cynicism.

  52. Meanwhile Marvel announced a dozen new projects about a week ago 😂.

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