1. I'd say go wis. In my experience, it's one of the most common saving throws assistant magical effects, much more common than intelligence. Dex is worth considering also, as it comes up a lot as a saving throws against AoE attacks. But probably Wis is better.

  2. It's not good, no. It's not offensively bad as many people say it is but it's definitely not what it should be.

  3. Me neither, I just stayed with the wolf summons and then found out a few days ago

  4. That is the best one tho so I get it

  5. Why would you take PE in college?

  6. Lots of places require their BA degrees to take 1-2 credits of physical education. The only exception to this is being 25+ or not doing this degree route

  7. You're arguing that the bow and arror is more important than the nuke

  8. That's a dumb analogy. First of, it's more like, which is more important, the plane the Wright brothers built or any random Boeing 747. Sure, the boeing is the more powerful machine that is built on the legacy of machines that came before but the original Wright brothers plane changed the world. The Boeing is just one machine in a fleet of similar machines, and it might be among the best, most powerful and advanced, but the individual machine has way less impact on the world than the original did, and couldn't have existed without it.

  9. Important to what though, saying something more important because it was first is... no shit it's important but the world gets more fleshed out and TCW kept star wars alive after the prequels buried it

  10. Just try a few rounds and if you don't like it, leave it. But it is pretty fun though

  11. That's honestly pretty great, I love the style and the creepy, dreary vibe. Even though the people are packed together, they all feel very isolated and alone, so that idea is communicated very clearly without feeling trite. And the girl in the middle feels very downtrodden and sad. It's pretty impactful. Great job!

  12. K-pop fucking sucks. It's everything I hate about pop music dialed up to 11.

  13. Chocolate cake/brownie or anything else that's similar

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