Joseph Ducreux and his self potraits (1700s)

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  1. Those t-rex punches weren’t accomplishing anything

  2. I thought it was staged because he handled it so smoothly.

  3. If bet that it was all staged. Publicity stunt for two guys slowly losing the limelight

  4. He was my favorite singer that was named after comfort food

  5. It's just a visual glitch that a lot of redditors have been experiencing. The information in the database is still correct and this will resolve itself soon.

  6. I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next person that says shenanigans…

  7. Cleveland Steamers was a missed opportunity. They could have a steam engine train in the outfield like the astr*s!

  8. I’m a Detroit Tigers fan, but I would definitely buy a Cleveland Steamers jersey. #2 of course.

  9. Good riddance! He should’ve been fired years ago.

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