Was I drugged by him?

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  1. I also recommend Natures Miracle but want to add that if the area stinks of cat urine, you may still have to paint over it with oil-based Kilz

  2. Bacon press or some other sort of weight for a smash burger or something would be my first tries

  3. Simply put, rub an egg around in your body. There’s more to the ritual, but that’s the basic-basics.

  4. I’d say deer-used to live in CO & believe elk are larger due to their size difference

  5. Def the American wagyu Philly cheese steak is a must and they have a very unique fry more to do with shape thin but wide crispy af that’s my recommendation. Haven’t tried the turkey yet but it’s suppose to be smoked daily or something

  6. OMG!!! 🙀How’s the cat’s feetsies????? That counter top can be repaired, but‼️?????!!!!

  7. LOVE LOVE and more LOVE💗💗‼️Not to mention GORGEOUS ‼️‼️

  8. If I was hungry right now I would pay an absurd price to have that delivered. But I would hope you have some chips too on the menu

  9. Imagine going to heaven and essentially being the youngest arrival of a 100k years "family tree". Are my apes ancestors there? Are we all young? How young? How will we all be old, forever? Will my parents be there? Are girlfriends included in the family or do they go with their own fam? If you married, are you going with your spouse fam or with yours? Will my dogs be there? Again, young I hope? Does family hierarchy still apply? Im a grown man, I dont want to have to listen to my relatives. What do I do for a living? Do I just spin around dancing or can I play videogames? Which videogames? Non violent only? What about playing online? Do I get the new release?

  10. Through the years I’ve made a list of things I’m gonna ask God! One will be about the existence of flies & mosquitoes!

  11. I overdosed and when the police got there, they said I was dead. Obviously, they're not medical professionals (in general) so it's very possible they didn't know what they were talking about. I just remember using, then waking up in the ambulance. They had to narcan me and when I woke up, it took me hours to piece together what had happened, but the doctors eventually told me...it was one of the worst moments of my life. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time. It certainly was the last, though...in November, I will have been sober for a year :)

  12. That’s pretty high,care for a cat is usually significantly less than for a dog for obvious reason. I dog sat for someone she had a large lab size dog needed 2 good walks a day, and a senior small dog who needed medication, comparing that to a cat is night and day. Three cats is not much more care than one cat, in the way that one dog versus 3 dogs is

  13. Not where I live, I am the cheapest around! My other friends who do same would START at $65 a day for the job you described😳‼️ For me, it always depends on the distance I’ll need to drive, to & from my home(3 cats) & there place & my regular job. If staying overnight, I have to add an extra $5 because of having to drive more and nobody yet has objects. I have only 2 clients with 1 cat each, all others have 2 or more & all want me to Live In👌😊😻 The bones come when the clients have pools, beach views, etc.👍🏼😊 Job then becomes my mini vacation/spa‼️

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