1. Utah is pretty cool to me. I like not having neighbors bother me, and I really do feel like a lot of people are genuinely nice regardless of religion.

  2. Brigading is brigading and brings a bad light here. You can disagree for sure, you can post there, but stop wearing the ban like a badge of honor. We don't give a shit. It's the internet. Go touch snow or grass.

  3. I'm between this and a Ruger 10/22. I know both would be fun guns and that they're different animals.

  4. Freshly mixed with the hidden valley powder. That dressing makes me want to undress.

  5. Didn't know my RSO knew how to use Facebook

  6. Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the tube. Then I see something like this where I don't recognize any of them, and start to feel like I've touched grass.

  7. Very true lol thanks for the input i think it’s either used Eotech or Aimpoint for me

  8. Eotechs are cool, but the battery life keeps me away. Everything else about them seems amazing.

  9. Battery life is overblown. Change out once a month and batteries can be purchased in bulk.

  10. That is excessive maintenance. I want a lower maintenance rifle, not a higher one. ~1000 hours vs ~50,000 hours is not overblown.

  11. Yeah his radio show is honestly like a parody of boomers, but it's real.

  12. The cluelessness is real. Boomers will brag about some used deal they got before craigslist was a thing, then drop $80k on an RV.

  13. The tweet never said anything about vaccines, just Pfizer. Pfizer is part of big pharma which in turn is agruably the most evil industry in the world today. Don't get me wrong I'm pro vax but I think anyone who thinks Pfizer is a morally good corporation that can do no wrong is absolutely an NPC.

  14. I remember getting banned from some normie sub for talking shit on phizer and marketing the boosters so well. Mod wanted me to write an essay as to why vax saves lives.

  15. Tempted to buy AMD. Sometimes I pretend like I've "bought" a share and see how far it goes down after that. Just to see if the universe is against me.

  16. I honestly wouldn't give a fuck about the ATF if the NFA wasn't a thing. But because I have to pay $200 for every NFA item that should be common use, and wait 9-12 months for approval to use, they can suck a fart. It's discrimination based on income and a punishment for wanting ergonomics and safe hearing. It saves no lives and only inconveniences lawful gun owners.

  17. Usually those companies on ammo seek that are showing super low CPR and limits on how many boxes you can buy have insanely high shipping costs. It's so they can show up first on ammo seek but then they'll factor in the actual cost of the ammo in their crazy shipping prices.

  18. Yeah, I've noticed that. Thankfully they have a "shipping price" rating column. Like it doesn't take $100 to ship 500 rounds of 5.56

  19. I keep hearing things about this game. I have a PS5 now so I gotta try it

  20. Where do you get your stuff? Harbor Freight?? Don’t make me guffaw

  21. Hazard Fraught is where I get tools that I expect to break. Or tools that I always lose. Every toolbox needs some 50¢ Pittsburg needle nose pliers.

  22. I want to like HD more. They have good stuff for cheaper, but then they put 40 things in the middle of the aisle. After buying a door I felt like they owed me $350 for how much shit I had to navigate around.

  23. I landed in Austin late last night for the first time. I’m at a conference and we have a reception tonight at Cooper’s bbq (not my choice). I was devastated when I got the itinerary and saw the hours of the conference and the flights mean that I won’t be able to make it to Franklin. I am going to try Terry Blacks later tomorrow afternoon, keeping my fingers crossed that they have some brisket left!

  24. Same thing happened for a business trip to Austin. 3 days full of meetings and no time to check out Franklin's. Went to a BBQ place near the hotel and got the driest brisket ever.

  25. I need to stop looking at this. I just have major FOMO and I know the moment I jump in it'll tank the entire economy.

  26. Holy fuck sold my TSLA 165c for 3x and it shit up to 10+ baggers

  27. I sold at $140. I feel stupid but then I see people losing all their money on puts so it could be worse.

  28. It was literally 2 weeks ago when every other post and comment on Reddit was negative about Elon Musk and every 5th was negative on Tesla. Now suddenly it's all "see guys, should've bought more when it was $105! LOL"

  29. "It's massively overvalued! It's going to keep going down"

  30. Yes and no. For me, around 95% of the videos are related to whatever I've watched in the past month or so, or people I've subbed to. But YouTube will throw in a few trending videos.

  31. Happened to my girlfriend and I. Definitely YouTube throwing in some trending videos.

  32. PMC is good stuff. You could prob find closer to .30/.35 pr though.

  33. I see people saying this a lot more than people linking to cheaper websites.

  34. So you're saying I should place a can order tonight?

  35. I like the idea of encouraging a healthy population, but I don't agree with going about it that way. I don't have a perfect solution either, but it would be nice to get some sort of tax break based on health metrics. My work pays for me to get blood work done each year, that's a nice start.

  36. I've been looking at one of these. I've also been looking at a Ruger 10-22. This is good because my indecision will stop me from spending money.

  37. I only played the demo on ps5, but I actually liked the game. It is definitely not the best game that will release this year, but I think it won't be the worst either. It a solid game (in my opinion), nothing more, but nothing less. Regarding the optimization of the PC version I agree that it is pretty bad as far as I saw in news articles about it.

  38. This game is definitely getting a huge hate boner from redditors. I'm probably not going to play it, but I won't fault anyone who does. It's getting a lot of meh reviews, but that doesn't mean it's a terrible game.

  39. Fuck NFA. Fuck ATF. And fuck the fudds that bitch about gas ovens more than how the ATF turned millions of Americans into felons overnight.

  40. As a disclaimer, it's rough if you've got a lot of repairs. I had unrealistic expectations of how fast I could get it all done. Sometimes it weighs down on me, but I know I can do it all in the coming years and save a fortune. Every time I work on the house I'm reminded of why contractors charge so much.

  41. God I love a joke so stupid I get angry at first before I "get it"

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