Elon Musk orders Twitter staff to work 84-hour weeks as 75% of employees face being fired

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  1. The only drawback I’ve worked out is large organizations creating multiple shell companies to own the 2-3 homes and skirt around these would be limitations, so there would also need to be a way to prevent that.

  2. Exactly. Almost every commercial property project is it's own LLC and the large corporations would just do the same to skirt around a tax like this.

  3. That's how he's getting away with this: nobody else has any other options. The tech industry is saturated and he knows it.

  4. Umm, what world do you live in? The "tech industry" has never been saturated. There have always been more openings than available people in the IT field.

  5. When has that happened and can you name the one and only county in the state where the sheriff isn't elected? It's just another power grab by the GOP.

  6. Ooooo. The Embassy Suites, even? Really classing the place up with his presence. Maybe he'll stay for the HH and the free breakfast in the morning to take questions from his fans on the best way to pay minors for sex. Hint: He probably won't say Venmo.

  7. You might have gotten your Florida scumbags confused. It's easy to do.

  8. Yup! You're right; I absolutely did. They're like garbage-person facsimiles of each other. Though, just because it hasn't come to light yet...

  9. You have a point. Until I see evidence to prove he hasn't paid minors for sex, I won't assume he hasn't.

  10. Is the video quality shit off and on for anyone else?

  11. It's not just the stream. The broadcast is crap as well.

  12. They don't generate revenue to keep producing news without clicks. It's more of a societal problem that news orgs have to do this.

  13. Gonna have to disagree this is a societal problem. News has always been "if it bleeds it leads" but its gotten exponentially worse in the last 15 years to the point that the headlines often state the exact opposite of what's inside the article. That feeds into the people that just browse headlines without actually reading the article and then think they've learned something new. At some point you have to stand up for your own organization's integrity and try to just present the facts or both sides and let the reader make up their mind. Posting headlines like this doesn't help.

  14. I understand why you'd quit. It's just sad that you did because we could really use more journalistic integrity. At some point we need people in the news field to stand up and take some responsibility.

  15. I don't take medical advice from entertainers no matter what they think.

  16. Don't be ugly, then no one will have problems with your compliments.

  17. Ok cool. But what set up would work? Where do you imagine that could support it? There is a whole entire logistics side to this that can't be just hand waved.

  18. I'm confused. Do you think Indianapolis is the only city capable of holding a convention? Any major city in this country could host a convention of this size without a problem. There are no special logistics surrounding its current location. The vendors and the attendees all fly in (drive in) and fly out. What makes you think it couldn't be moved to a different city?

  19. Well not all because I drive in. I didn't say it couldn't be done. I'm saying that I don't think people on the internet really have a knack for boiling things down to simple talking points and actually really have no clue what they're talking about.

  20. I think your emotions are playing a factor here as well. Obviously if you are within driving distance of the convention, you don't want to see it moved. Your points about keeping it in Indianapolis are still not valid. Any number of cities host conventions this size or larger and unless I'm mistaken, there aren't any tabletop conventions larger than this one. There's no reason it couldn't be moved and fit into a convention schedule in another city. This isn't an emotional response despite my initial four word reply. This is about wanting to spend my money in states that don't infringe on others rights.

  21. It would help if you posted what it was about and your link to Sound Cloud is not working.

  22. That's a decently sized website with not a single clue as to what the story is about. Someone put in some work and needs to go back and spend 5 minutes giving the rest of us a clue as to what they want us to subscribe to.

  23. WAIT!! A Kansas weatherman getting something wrong?? I so doubt this OP.

  24. Help me understand. What does a largely suburban Sheriff and his posse provide or do?

  25. Mostly spread Covid as most of them are too afraid to get the scary shots. I'd offer to show them it wasn't scary when I got mine and it hasn't done anything to improve my 5G reception, but I'm a little afraid to approach any of them.

  26. If they're not doing anything wrong, why can't I record it? Just comply with my desire to record a video and there won't be any problems.

  27. My kia has lane keep assist and I love it. Makes the 10 hour drive home so much better.

  28. I'm sure that this will result in long and lasting reductions in traffic violations and traffic fatalities. /s

  29. Weekend, Holiday, night differential pay, probably making 3x their normal hourly wage.

  30. About 100 miles to the east is Whiteman AFB which is where they are all stationed. I've seen them flying over Olathe frequently.

  31. Keep feeding the cats because trash pandas like rats are resourceful they'll get their food somewhere else. Most of the time it's from food people throw in the trash or leave on a park bench

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