(Real Footage) Two Frenchmen in 1973 find an uncontacted tribe who have never seen white skin or modern technology before, and think they’re ghosts.

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  1. You definitely don’t need semaglutide to lose 20 lbs.

  2. Googled this 10 years ago and there's an in depth French article from someone who was there. These people have had contact with whites since the 50s and its well documented.

  3. But didn’t they meet another uncontacted tribe after that was hostile for a while? Unless I’m remembering a different one

  4. http://skyvington.blogspot.com/2011/06/human-contacts.html?m=1

  5. It was a prank with a screen that makes it look broken

  6. That is what’s happening, it’s from a TikTok channel that shows it in the beginning

  7. These guys are braindead. The camera saw and heard you for a long ass time before you did it

  8. There is 0 reason you can’t or shouldn’t do twice a week injections. That part of what your doctor said confuses me

  9. False. This is what smoking salvia is like. Sub cute colorful anime with drab, muted 70s cartoons.

  10. Psilocybin can definitely do this in very high doses, but most regular doses won’t. Psilocin is basically orally active dmt, as it acts on the same part of the brain

  11. Just give him a $5 bill, he can’t do math anyways

  12. There most definitely is a honeymoon phase where you feel on top of the world. That said, even after the honeymoon phase, your new baseline will be higher than it was before.

  13. It’s on the high end of sole reference ranges and slightly over for some others. If you feel great with little side effects, you are probably fine.

  14. Shbg was 27 prior to starting trt. That seems to be right in the middle of the range. I do feel a little drop off before the 2 weeks is up, but nothing extreme. The pharmacy only gave me enough syringes for the 6 vials I received, so once a week isn't an option unless I can buy more. 51 yo, btw

  15. I can’t speak for myself, but I know someone who was a prisoner for chasing that scarlet rotussy

  16. This looks more like heroin or another opiate/opioid. You sure it’s spice?

  17. Spice produced a slump like this, though usually people slump forward rather than on their backs. If you live in the UK in a city you'll have seen it - people are not slumping on the streets due to H, but due to Spice as it's much cheaper.

  18. They don’t have an injectable form of the synthetic cannabinoid do they? I ask because It looks like there’s a syringe under them in the middle, so that + the nodding made me think it wasn’t spice.

  19. Yes, it is a great fight, but He is not a badass as a character. He is Just one of few good characters in souls

  20. Interesting. Who’s your favorite boss in all of Fromsoft, going by story, aesthetics, and fun fighting them? Personally it’s Sister Friede for me

  21. Nameless King. I even Just beat him at the moment 😂

  22. Nameless king was my favorite fight in the base game. Super challenging, but super fun.

  23. 100% 100% get an mri, go through a specialist. No one here can answer your question, because your case is more complicated, and not a standard hypogonadism.

  24. Trust the woman doctor on this one. She seems very knowledgeable, and sadly the man does not. Trt is a really a newer treatment, so it’s likely he’s going by outdated information on the subject

  25. Tbh eod should be plenty fine, but you can experiment if you want. The esters are long acting, so every other day will barely leave a trough before the next injection

  26. Even at 150mg split at 3x a week I’ll be around high 900s in my longest trough

  27. It also has to do with general size/weight and genetics.

  28. Without a doubt, I still think she’s a great boss, but I guess it depends what you compare it to.

  29. Yah I've played all of them. Been playing them since 2013.

  30. Awesome stuff, great games every one of them, even the “dreaded” DS2

  31. If you really needed it from the start, you need to give it longer. Hormones like testosterone take a long time to change your cells

  32. I heard this Dr say if you use the creams you will have hair loss but not with injectables? not sure if that's true lol

  33. The idea is that creams absorb through the skin, and skin contains a lot of 5-alpha reductase (which converts testosterone to DHT).

  34. Yeah my BP is about 130 over 78 Hematocrit was slightly out of range as well. Thats gotta be it for sure. But its also summer. Ive read that Test can raise blood pressure? Im on 200mg and sitting around 1300 total test.

  35. Trt 100% can raise blood pressure at first. The extra hormones mess with aldosterone, and you hold onto fluid. With a higher blood volume, your blood pressure is higher

  36. I definitely gained about 10 pounds in water the first 2 months. eating clean and keeping sodium under control and hoping the water eventually goes away. I heard it could take a year for your body to adjust to the new higher levels and things will flatten out over time.

  37. Tbh I just did a ketogenic diet, and the water will literally fell off. 10lbs gone in less than 1 week

  38. TRTNation hasn’t given me any problems thus far

  39. This is the opposite of satisfying!!! And yet I can’t stop watching it.

  40. I was told by a doc just the other day that the arm pits are the best place to use cream. Especially if you want someone to go down on you. So you said your libido is through the roof. Guess your not getting any oral out of it? Also you may just now be feeling any affects but I doubt that. Takes at least 6 weeks to start making a difference. So if your feeling it and seeing your arms get bigger your either absorbing a sh.. load or placebo effect has you. Can block me report me or whatever. Just be honest about what your taking, how much and how long.

  41. Who are you talking to? You realize I’m not OP. I’m on Injectable cypionate

  42. I posted under general comment. So I have no idea how it got to you

  43. Ahhh okay, than forgive my semi-snarky attitude. Have a good one brother

  44. No for certain, I've never watched the show but I do recognize them. This was just some random mechanic and buddies doing all sorts of stuff, but it was a solid 10-12 minutes on YouTube somewhere.

  45. Ahhh okay, well if you ever run across it, I’d love to see it!

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