To taunt a caged spider monkey

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  1. If it's merging anyway after 100m why complain, you are basically just complaining because you can't get ahead of others that are waiting patiently already.

  2. Besides the idiot taunting the monkey, wtf was the attapemt to help giving a sissy slap that barely made contact and then doing nothing her afterward for so long.

  3. Honestly I'm in the same situation, I've had a gold shortage for months, @chp40 btw, but still yeah, buy dust always.

  4. I've managed to get all the way to stage 13 getting full stars but 13 onward is so difficult

  5. At some point you accumulate enough fodder to ascend all 4f heroes, so you start retiring fodder at the rickety cart. It takes years but the fodder we get is more than we need to keep up with hero releases.

  6. That's the thing though, you have to be quite far along to get to that point majority still need fodder hence why this feature would not be a priority

  7. Agree it’s not a priority but it would be a nice qol addition for end game players

  8. Honestly people like this need to get the exact same thing done to them, they will never learn a lesson even if they go to prison, honestly I dont see the point of prison in most cases, they get basically free living regardless of quality of it, for basically breaking someone's face. Where is their punishment?, "oh they get separate from normal society and get limited access to luxuries and having a schedule doing things", wow what a "harsh" punishment for inflicting injuries that will definitely leave lifelong scars and possible mental trauma.

  9. Welp you've been reported for image hosting, this is a subreddit for vyvan not you.

  10. This reminds me of when I was going straight through the intersection of Mill / Tristram street (Hamilton) and someone in a car wanting to take a left tried speeding up to pass me and ended up clipping the front wheel of my bike. Just like the ute in this video, they kept driving on as if nothing happened.

  11. I mean to be fair do you see where the cyclist is, he/she is right in the middle of the lane for more than half if the video, cyclists are supposed to keep left.

  12. Surprisingly my mind went to "random" for 2,i guess I haven't really heard or seen the word condom as much.

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