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  1. Can you even do that through Reddit? Wouldn't I just get Reddit IPs if I tried to do anything through a Reddit account, if that's even possible? But honestly, no. I realize this is

  2. I'd have to literally be THE best hacker in the world in order to harvest IPs from Reddit lol. I honestly don't think it's possible. That's not playing dumb that's being smart.

  3. There's a spectrum to consider, and you strike me as genuine. Pardon my assessment. It was mere logical deduction.

  4. You antischemittic Nazi why don't you see February is as non-binary as fxcking women. It can be September any day it bloody likes!

  5. It took me a couple of years more, but yeah, then it happened to me too.

  6. Whatever happens or not the 24th, will have much less impact since we've all been talking about it.

  7. The Cop v CIA. The official story about his death “Ruppert died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head” (Wikipedia) What do you think?

  8. Smart guy who is right about a lot of things on a lot of levels a lot of the time. People don’t want to hear it though, most aren’t ready to admit they would be a prison guard in Auschwitz before they would sacrifice their lives for a just and noble cause. People want to squawk about his oh so shameful Xanax habit or his “ultra right,” position on gender because pointing a finger at hypocrisy immediately exonerates them from their own (right?). He’s no saint and I don’t agree with everything he says, but his lectures on the Bible and postmodernism and his 12 rules book are well worth the time.

  9. Even if that were true, the photographs should still be real

  10. So are the photographs of Titanic's twin ship, Olympic. A particular repair from a damage to the Olympic can be seen in some of them, only after the ship was repaired, it was called 'Titanic'. And off to the North she went.

  11. Nostradumbasses making predictions and shouting them into the wind.

  12. What goes up, must come down. Some seeds land on dry sand. Others land in moist earth, from which something new can grow.

  13. Truth. Not love. Through truth comes a certain love, and that's a whole other thing that don't make you dependent on others to fix things for you.

  14. Additionally, edit image in txt editor to make sure it's all scrubbed.

  15. Are you saying the razor strip is toxic? So is alot of shit. After spending 10 minutes reading the patents for the razor and wasting my time I looked up the chemical polyvinylpyrrolidone they mention and it's also used to coat tylonal tablets, people eat that lol. look at some of the chemicals that go in food or the fact most plastic acts like estrogen in the body and disrupts hormones.

  16. Could you send out a memo on what it takes to be a real man? I'd hate to do something that's not up to your standards and grow a vagina.

  17. I looked at your history. Care to elaborate why it is snarky, short one-liners, with very little engagement with the topic at hand?

  18. They’re trying to poison us. Mainstream Hygiene products are also super toxic. Perfumes and laundry detergents too.

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