1. leon is better than kamaru and islam is better than leon who is also better than five other champions and jiri is not as good as alex who is better than aljo and francis is better than olives but olives is not as good as izzy who is better than alex who just knocked him out but leon is better than kamaru becaude leon knocked him out

  2. the fact that lawrence was next to him in the apology video was pretty weird, it felt like he was a teacher who helped brian with what to say

  3. and then he should cut weight and beat leon. then try to cut weight and beat volk. then try to cut down to bantamweight and beat aljo. then try to cut down to flyweight and beat figgy. then try to cut down to female’s featherweight and beat nunes. then try to cut down to female’s bantamweight and beat nunes. then finally cut down to strawweight and beat karla.

  4. Charles got paid good money by the Arabs to lose. I don’t blame him for it though, family comes first before a used old belt.

  5. And is also almost 50. Age plays a big factor

  6. yeah but you said that he needs to fight an actual boxer, and anderson silva is an actual boxer

  7. No he was an actual mma fighter. Doing boxing now just to keep making money

  8. he was an mma fighter, and he then started boxing and beat a former world champion. he had a boxing record of 3-1 before fighting Jake

  9. THE CHAMPION HAD A NAME AND IT WAS CHARLES OLIVEIRA. The better man won today though.

  10. Might ah take a nickname too, It’ll be ‘Do Bronx’

  11. i read about charles do bronx too i’m sorry. i had a friend too who missed weight before fightnight

  12. I know you probably hear this everyday but the champ has a name

  13. my sisters boyfriend is coaching a swedish/polish mma fighter and he has apparently sparred with khamzat and other allstars athletes, and he said that khamzat is very rude and casually threatens people if they get the better of him in sparring.

  14. its ”place your currency where you put your food when you are digesting nutriment”

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