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  1. Your wife is a Sonic fan, yet thinks a character that is known for SPEED belongs on a system where he only runs (literally) at 30fps? lol.

  2. Its honestly less cruel than veal. Believe me, these kids deserve it.

  3. Yes, thankfully lol. My old friends still call me that if I see them...its been 15 years.

  4. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm pretty sure you just have tiny balls

  5. I just had flashbacks to when my high-school girlfriend came up with the nickname babysack for me.

  6. My mom bought one of those when I was little and has had it for probably 20 years. This is my first Christmas season 5000 miles away. Gonna have to get one for myself to keep things going...

  7. Sit down for this. Sharks are flat.

  8. No, the earth is sharks. All of us shark-earthers are sick of the lies!

  9. He looked into a grave and said "gotta go fast" and fucking yeeted himself in there.

  10. I paid cash for my first car too. A Barney purple 1993 subaru legacy wagon for $450 in 2010. It had a flimsy mattress stapled to the fold down back seat, no reverse gear, automatic seat belts that worked 1/3 of the time, one working window, and flaming dicks carved into the paint. It was so ugly and so dangerous but if I could bring and car back from the scrap yard it would be this one. So many memories with old Gladys...

  11. I've never heard catty corner, always kitty corner. At least that's what people say in Southeast Massachusetts.

  12. Well at that point she'd be free to bring them saws.

  13. Ok I actually have something for this. Halve it and blanch it for a couple minutes in boiling water. Remove into a small container and dress with olive oil, a little red wine vinegar, some minced garlic, salt and pepper. Let it marinate overnight in the fridge and have it the next day on good toast or a baguette. Not much work for a really perfect couple bites. Leftover marinade mix makes great salad dressing.

  14. I think this is what we're going with! Thank you! I'll try to update you on how we mess that up too lmao.

  15. this is amazing the one on the left looks just like a k-cup

  16. I can't wait until the automod starts telling everyone not to boof fruit.

  17. Real story, my dentist growing up was Dr. Dentes. Sometimes your career path is clear… 😂

  18. My cats old vet was Dr. Slaughter and my current primary care is Dr. Butcher lol. Sometimes you have to lean into the joke apparently.

  19. Well, that would be the time I lost my virginity. My foreskin audibly ripped and I gushed blood everywhere.

  20. That cop that killed 30 people at a daycare yesterday was a meth head.

  21. Until you realize that if the product dissolves after it's arrived at the warehouse, then you have to send another shipment to replace it, meaning you've doubled the amount of CO2 from shipping and production.

  22. Its almost like every product isn't perfect for every job and you have to account for these types of things with literally everything you do. Huh.

  23. We have wild pigs here on the Big Island in Hawaii. They don't seem too dangerous but they're such dicks. They broke into our garden a week ago and tore everything out of the ground. Didn't even eat the fruits and vegetables.

  24. After one of the Braithwaite/gray missions Dutch asks if you want to race. He immediately took a sharp turn into me knocking us both off our horses. Then decided to just fucking run back to camp instead of getting back on his horse...talking shit the whole time. It was great.

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