1. I’m trying to get as many memories as I can 😢

  2. On console (PSN trophies \ Xbox achievements), they seem to be working fine.

  3. Add me up I’ll help you out tomorrow vSabotaj (Xbox or psn)

  4. Solo quads is either a one-man-army-style power fantasy or a massochist's wet dream. Depends on how good you are, really.

  5. Bet strat I found was to fight in mosh pits, stick and move. Throw a lot of weapons and use 10 reds 😂

  6. That's what I do lol. And when you got a super duper kick you're good to go. It's strong and fast and breaks up the large groups.

  7. Yeah fr, anything quick. Behemoth rush is inconsistent sometimes

  8. Bro I seen like 4 opportunities you missed out on. Play a lil more aggressive

  9. Bro I love the concept of the game but with all game people find some kinda cheese and abuse that makes it boring and not fun to play. When the game was fresh and people were still learning the ins and outs is was hella fun people just wanted to get a sick move off a building or team combo.

  10. Yeah its awful but its also super easy to counter, probably just need to change up what you use man.

  11. I can’t even find what I use any more, just cricket bats 😭 literally I don’t care for any other move besides dolphin dive that’s my bread and butter. When I get DD And I don’t get the bombastic perk oh it’s a guaranteed high dmg game for me 15k easy

  12. No, you are certainly being aggressive for no reason. The fact you jumped down my throat for providing 2 valid explanations for this clip speaks volumes. You were clearly too far on the edge, accept it.

  13. No, when you tell me what I didn’t do when I clear as day just told somebody else is where you have to be shut down. On top of the I have evidence of the same combo working you ain’t wanna acknowledge that. I got played simple as that. Trying make it as if it was my fault is where you got me messed up. Bottom line I got played but like I said people like you are the reason I’m done posting here.

  14. Theres that aggression again, when you know you're wrong here. I provided a valid explanation, 2 in fact, and one of which is obviously true here. You were to close to the edge. Get over it. You screwed up, move on. One less troll plaguing the community

  15. Bruh you keep saying 2 explanations and one was wrong. The only one is understandable. Not once did call you a name or even swear to at. If you think that’s aggression then you got some growing up todo. Never disrespect anyone here unless they disrespected me first.

  16. Another cry baby not understanding how the game works. Awwww so sad

  17. I think we all understand tracking is a thing and we accept tracking but for it to work the way it does, there’s no reason to say “its fine, it doesn’t need adjusting” is ludicrous

  18. Thanks bro, all I’m saying.

  19. To be fair, they did a running jump at you and then pressed grab. On their screen they were probably right on top of you.

  20. Sure it’s not the worst but still I don’t think that’s acceptable. Because it’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t work as it should. Like air dodging, I will do a normal roll when I clearly pressed 2 inputs but the game registers 1

  21. Ok, just wait till I'm done with the video because for some reason you're not getting that this is not wwe nor any other fighting game so when I make the video you will see what I mean...

  22. But it’s fight game… they ALL HAVE HITBOXES. If you can’t understand the similarities that ALL fighting game have then I’m done with this conversation. You literally saying this bs is okay and should be in the game.

  23. This isn't about hit boxes, this is about tracking and the tracking is made for specific situations where an an opponent may move past you fast or bounce around and as long as you are within half a cyclone distance the tracking will take a hold unless you dodge. I'm almost done with the video and I will let you know so you can see how it works for yourself.

  24. You know tracking is apart of hit boxes right? It seem like you not to sharp on fighting games bro. Long story short tracking is broken and needs to be adjusted. Just like the chair viscous was broken…they fixed it. It’s a lot wrong with the game that could be fixed. But go watch the vid. If you say it was supposed to happen then I’m done with the conversation. Make sure you pause and see when the move started and where I was when it started

  25. You don’t have to air dodge to hit a move after the dolphin dive just jump

  26. Really just chain of moves. The dolphin dive move is a launcher so it sets up for a follow up move. They have some combo tutorials on YT

  27. I won’t lie, I sneak people with my super all the time 😂😂😂 but it happens to be me too. Only advice I can give is if they pop super just run. If you can run by some people that’s already fighting the super guy will get distracted and boom you’re free 🤷🏾‍♂️

  28. The guy you beat watching this on this subreddit 👁👄👁

  29. It actually was a cool guy. He played a straight up fair match. if you out there man you got my respect!

  30. I went half with a friend and we gameshare, I bought 2k20 so he bought 2k22

  31. Bouta post it on my thread I made

  32. Make your money and have fun man.

  33. The finger I use to cut this bullshit ass game off

  34. People who like MW19 but not Cold War failed gym in school

  35. These are big titties to you?

  36. So basically it’s 8:15 and you trying to get work by 8:00

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