1. The degeneracy level isn't comparable but your terms remain acceptable.

  2. The fact that it's juxtaposed by a thread about the massive L that leaf gun owners just took from voting liberal is perfect.

  3. They'll just add more. IRS got 80,000 new agents this year to go out and fuck your life up over that sofa you sold on Craigslist and got paid for on Venmo.

  4. Hippity hoppity this fucking rabbit is getting evicted from my property

  5. So? People at my work have colds, too. It's winter.

  6. You do know the difference between a cold and a pandemic, don't you?

  7. Cold and influenza are pandemics. They happen every year and have for your entire life. Get over it.

  8. I highly recommend shooting some flintlocks if you get the chance. It's fucking wild to imagine you and hundreds of your buddies shooting them at hundreds of other people armed with the same thing.

  9. Had a beer before I was attacked, guess I'll die then 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. No. I am not obligated to be defenseless and allow myself to be killed because I had a couple of beers.

  11. Yeah, no shit the company selling novelty certificates didn't back them up with anything.

  12. And the money was still going towards reforestation and preservation of woodlands…so I’m not seeing the scam?

  13. Well they were implying that they personally planted a tree, like on "your" piece of land. In reality they're just donating money to a tree charity that arbitrarily claims they plant a tree for each donation.

  14. It's kind of a moot point since Republicans took back the House. Honestly though the best course is for Republicans to flip back Georgia on December 6th.

  15. Amazing anyone finds time to kick a ball between all the virtue signaling and politics.

  16. Because the supporter builds are buggy as shit, lol. Supporters aren’t really paying to get content earlier, they’re paying to do QA. If the supporter early access wasn’t a thing the updates wouldn’t come out any sooner. If anything, this model probably makes them come out faster through mass bug-testing.

  17. Three more weeks for us stupid mega dumb dumbs.

  18. The same featureless mud plain that is found everywhere else.

  19. Aren't they already turning down a 25% raise and a slew of new benefits?

  20. If you meet an asshole in the morning, you met an asshole.

  21. They're lawyers. Their job is to petition for things that advantage their client and against things that disadvantage their client. That doesn't mean they'll get what they want.

  22. Gunsmith school is a scam. Just go to machinist school. Guns aren't that complicated and its a lot easier for a machinist to learn guns than for an AR wrench monkey to learn machining.

  23. Yep, they HAD camps, then got everyone vaxxed and now are open and trust thier own citizens to take RAT tests and monitor thier own health.

  24. Yeah we HAD Japanese internment camps but everything is fine now, why you still mad about it bro 🙄

  25. Can someone please explain to me why china is doing all of this, even when the rest of the world is just coexisting with covid? Is this really deep down to control their population even more? Please let me know why their one of the only countries balls deep in the pandemic and even going far far far beyond the level of rules and procedures to deal with covid? Even at the height of covid, this wasn’t happening in western countries. What gives?

  26. Same reason Western countries jumped on the covid train: Increase control, decrease freedom.

  27. They really are NPCs with no critical thought and no internal dialogue.

  28. Oh so now we're allowed to see pictures of protests. 😐

  29. That sub is a radioactive wasteland in general. Any day of the week you'll find absolutely batty stuff like this.

  30. They simply ban anyone who doesn't side with the woman.

  31. Life is cheap, ammo is expensive, that's why this post is sponsored by Big Daddy Unlimited

  32. So I found and read the article. A student named Joshua Heath said that in a painting of Jesus (yes, I know), his body looks sortof like a woman's (yes, I know). His "proof" is that the place between the ribs where jesus was stabbed looks like a vagina (yes, I know). And it's further evidence that jesus had a manufactured hole that was designed for penetration (yes, I Know) installed in his body. His teacher, Dr. Michael Banner didn't ridicule or tell his student that he was an idiot infront of the entire school as he should have. Instead he said "hmm, interesting theory, bro" so now it is valid and anyone who doesn't agree will be fired from their job and sent to prison for life.

  33. This shit makes the Grievance Studies Affair papers look reasonable by comparison.

  34. These are the people who tell you that ancient aliens documentary on Netflix is dangerous to our democracy.

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