AITA for what I said to my daughter in law?

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  1. Do y’all think she’s going to have joint/body issues in older age? I sometimes wonder what the long term impact of all these .. body modifications will be on the aging body

  2. This is SO SO SO cringe and unhinged. The older he gets the more grandiose he seems to appear. I don’t know if he has the capacity to think outside himself.

  3. Okay I understand where this is coming from, I do, but you also realize us peasants purchase clothing that other people wear too right? Like.. do you expect every celebrity to have a filing cabinet in their heads of what other people have worn throughout all of time?

  4. I’m sorry but I think this had more to do with kourtney than reign

  5. Okay she’s already in her midlife crisis- she doesn’t even know who she is.. it’s really sad.

  6. None of these are possible for Kim. She will literally continue getting surgery to “appear” younger, and it’s going to look terrible

  7. She is, it's the one thing about her that's actually genuine.

  8. some of y’all are bout to be real mad at me. but it must be said.

  9. I hate the slut shaming with Kathryn in earlier seasons since he’s by definition has similar behavior.. he seems less assholey now but still awkward AF. I like him more than I used to.

  10. I will never understand why there are grandparents on this earth who feel entitled to make any sort of decision related to their grandchild with parents in the picture.

  11. He’s already here.. isn’t he? I thought there were photos earlier

  12. This just reminds me of heroine “chic” that became popular with Kate moss types back in the day. I hate it. She doesn’t look healthy.

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