1. I'm versatile so size doesnt matter. As long as I'm working in a field I'm interested in thats what counts.

  2. My personal preference is for larger companies in industry sectors like, say, manufacturing. Manufacturing FP&A at a large company doesn't require three-statement financial modelling.

  3. Ok? But with all due respect where are we going with this?

  4. Just fire off applications to job postings that have budgeting, forecasting, and variance analysis. That's all I can say at this point.

  5. I was plant controller for 7 years. It’s a fun role, at least in my companies where I didn’t have the AP/AR/Corp functions too - sounds like you might be similar.

  6. I was a senior plant accountant who handled those FP&A responsibilities for the first 3 years of my career. It was very fast paced but I really enjoyed it because I got involved with a lot!

  7. It's 5 and counting on my end. Good luck with your new Senior Cost Accountant role!

  8. Was thinking about going from FP&A to valuation or corp dev. Not sure if you’d recommend but I do really enjoy the focus on M&A and traditional corporate finance. Also not sure about comp ranges.

  9. If there's one Jewish book that has the "best" potential to be added to the Ketuvim in the future, it is the Wisdom of Ben Sira:

  10. I think that's fair. How often are you going in depth for reporting?

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/FPandA/comments/11rjgsc/practical_experience_tip_for_cpa_pert_in_canada/

  12. Yeah, I've had stronger success interviewing for FP&A roles at all sizes including bigger public companies in SFA role, CPA definitely helps with that.

  13. You may have to take a pay cut to do so.

  14. Another synonym for "business controller" is "operational controller."

  15. If you were based in the US, I would ask rhetorically if we could switch positions!

  16. Are fp&a salaries higher in the US too? Everything is higher there... We should move..

  17. Don't they already do in a roundabout way?

  18. Corporate Development: This M&A work is in-house IB for companies.

  19. ACCA has only high school as a prerequisite for entry so it would be expected that they would have a much higher failure rate than a program that has a Bachelors + 65% avg in uni accounting courses as a prereq.

  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/Accounting/comments/116obs4/ima_us_cmas_improving_their_exams_advanced/

  21. But that specific position doesn't look like it's CPA-approved, though.

  22. Smaller businesses don't have business units.

  23. This might be a dumb question, but does credit hours translate the same from country to country? For example, in Mexico, are most classes 3-4 credit hours?

  24. In the case of Mexico, I'm pretty sure it's 180 semester hours or more:

  25. So you’re saying it’s pretty close in requirements of then? In CGA I wrote 2 electives and 2 Nationals. In CMA idk too well but I remember multiple choice and a large essay

  26. Since you did the legacy CGA program, you of all people should know that:

  27. During the pandemic, I got better info from my small town local Chamber of Commerce that I pay $100 than what I got from CPA Canada and CPA BC.

  28. Cut some slack on the provincial accounting bodies.

  29. My biggest problem is that loading an aspirational forecast into the system doesn’t have any correlation to making it a reality. Then having to explain variances as to how I could be so far off.

  30. Do you budgets and forecasts have lots of columns for explaining variances?

  31. I think CPA Canada is keeping the dues high because of the retiring Boomers who will keep their CPAs for free or for a lower fee.

  32. The Tabernacle: A Post-Exilic Polemic Against Rebuilding the Temple

  33. I loved that article. Popped up in my email from that website. I used it in Torah study to talk about the double portion this week. Though I did like the explanation one of my fellow students came up with, that it was so specific because it gave the reader awe and was inspiring. Narratively to go from slavery to escape to building a beautiful sanctuary that can travel with them is pretty impressive.

  34. I'm gonna start another thread on a Priestly dispute!

  35. I took a short nap for this month-end conference. Should I get written up now?

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