To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

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Unpopular Opinion: I prefer how OW1 feels to OW2

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fixed a shitty meme

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  1. Stop letting corporations donate to political campaigns.

  2. *stop letting politicians accept donations from corporations

  3. how is this unpopular I've heard pretty much everyone say this

  4. Yeah every other post on here is complaining about the beta

  5. Of course it's satire. It's concerning that you can't tell.

  6. Wow, what a controversial and original take that i havent seen posted here before

  7. Those are different fender flares too. Same ones on the Everglades, but they haven't been on a 2 door yet. cool!

  8. I hope they make them standard on all trims. I prefer these over the round fenders on the current models excluding Everglades

  9. Same, I like that they're still rounded, but more boxy. Looks good! Now if only they'd make that awesome tan color on the everglades avaliable!

  10. People might be more receptive of this question if you weren't proving yourself to be an absolute ass hat in these comments

  11. Oh but I do have an “opinion” that drives my actions on this matter because of this. Since I don’t know then I PERSONALLY would rather not participate in encouraging one in my family or anywhere else since it COULD end a human life. Also because I don’t know I feel can’t judge anyone else’s decisions in this matter.

  12. Based and let people make their own decisions pilled

  13. Put simply, I think people are avoiding personal responsibility for their actions. No one wants to be held responsible for the child they willingly created, but they still want to have sex. A female friend told me its rediculous to expect someone to abstain from sex as a method of contraception (technically not even contraception).

  14. Im currently thinking that the point when a third party should step in (like a neighbour or friend or something) is when a childs is being abused or their life is at risk as a child cannot defend themselves or necessarily speak for themselves. Though how this relates to abortion is iffy and I'm still thinking it through.

  15. Its a tough one for sure. Something im struggling to decide on myself

  16. The entire abortion issue is built on the deeply nuanced philosophical question of what constitutes humanity.

  17. It’s because you can’t argue against that point easily. If you argue that it’s evil cons trying to shove women back into the kitchen by force, you can get people pissed. If you argue it’s cons wanting to force women to bear kids so Christian adoption agencies can profit, it’s easy to piss people off. If you try to argue that it’s okay to kill kids, you’ll piss people off but not in the way you want.

  18. Or they just disagree on when a human life starts. I don't believe it's a person until there's a heart beat. But I understand that a lot of Pro Life people would disagree with that.

  19. You understand that fetal heartbeat starts at like 6 weeks right? I have a hard time at "conception" personally, a huge percentage of fertilized eggs don't successfully attach to the uterus, is that a death? I've had a hard time with that for a while.

  20. Thats cus she could out dps the dps in the previous beta lmao

  21. Excluding suicides? That’s convenient. I wonder how many of those suicides wouldn’t have happened at all if they didn’t have easy access to guns.

  22. Thats actually the dumbest take. Have you heard of knifes? Or tall buildings? Or cars?

  23. LOL everyone just responding based on their person feelings is hilarious. It’s such an obvious manifestation of feelings instead of facts. Just look into it man… certain people tend to certain methods of suicide and certain methods are easier to intervene against. Just because there are other ways doesn’t mean people are equally willing to try them.

  24. Taking away someone's access to a gun won't automatically cure them of their mental illness

  25. Laws don't stop murder. Laws also won't stop abortions

  26. Dude I would not recommend taking life advice from strangers on reddit.

  27. have you heard of this great place called Wall Street Bets?

  28. Ok look, I'm 6'8. This would not work out well for me

  29. Well, at the moment I see a low quality in the

  30. Do you personally like the skin? Do you have content creators you want to support? Then get it. If not, don't. It doesn't matter if anyone else likes the skin if you do

  31. Did they say all the skins will require a purchase? Or will you be able to still earn some of them? I'm fully expecting legendary and mythic skins to cost money or be a part of the battle pass. But it would suck if they all were

  32. Why would I pay for a subscription only for them to make me watch ads?

  33. They haven’t confirmed anything regarding PvE regarding if it’s free or paid yet

  34. that was well before they flipped on the whole f2p with seasons thing, have a quick google my guy, they won’t comment now

  35. I highly doubt there won't be some sort of fee to play it. Their primary development time has been put into the PvE

  36. 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  37. Yeah honestly I'm pretty excited for the move to f2p. And if the campaign looks good im sure I'll purchase it.

  38. Yeah, that was their goal from the start. PvE is separate from the PvP and will cost $$ like a DLC

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