1. I wonder about my kids who watch Netflix all the time when we are driving, traveling to relatives, restaurants etc….

  2. To retrieve attributes from a SAML assertion in C#, you can use the Assertion.AttributeStatements property of the Saml2Response class from the ITfoxTec SAML 2.0 library. This property contains a collection of Saml2AttributeStatement objects, each of which represents a set of attributes included in the assertion.

  3. I bought 2 12 packs. It’s one of my favs and has been for almost 12 years now. Bummed is an understatement.

  4. Damn I didn’t know vehicles could catch on fire!

  5. You restart and play offline without building highways or zip lines. Plan your own roads.

  6. I’m doing an offline no-roads play through right now and it’s a totally different experience…especially when you get to the other map. It feels much more barren and apocalyptic yet more beautiful and real. There are no highways, no signs randomly placed, no structures clogging up the views…it’s really cool

  7. Ugh, I wanna try this sooo bad, but the whole thing makes me so nervous. 😄 lol I can't imagine not having a highway at least! I suppose if I play it this way just for fun though, it won't matter if I perfectly 5☆ everyone, or get every delivery done at LoL level. I've already platinumed the game & done all that, so... maybe I'll find the confidence to give Offline a try.

  8. I would only recommend doing an offline play through after finishing the game online. For a first time player, online is such an amazing experience.

  9. Does the DC on PS5 have these? I can’t find them

  10. I saw it in person yesterday. It’s absolutely horrible. It almost seemed intentional.

  11. Is this normal for a legitimate company? Of course not. Highly unusual. I’ve had plenty of different companies come out to do work on my house, and they always had their own tools and equipment.

  12. Do a complete investigation, gather the evidence, follow all procedures and the law, seek justice without fear or favor no matter who is involved. Figure this mess out.

  13. Reasonable but definitely never going to happen.

  14. Both Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn have enemy camps around the map that you have to clear and loot.

  15. I did the LED interior lights and holy fuck are they bright! I had to switch back to the stock ones.

  16. Jesus, AI is going to dominate our culture soon

  17. use the larval tear. don't go halfway and start a fresh character. just respec and keep going.

  18. I’ve never read anywhere what those 87k agents were for.

  19. Who is Morgoth? I don’t remember him in the books or movies

  20. Took legal action against MTG for using his music in her campaign without permission. It got her kicked off one or a couple of the social medias. They take copyright protection seriously

  21. Sorry I meant what violence did he commit against women?

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