1. I hope Naka draws this just because it'll make tomorrow more interesting - 3 live games with Naka, Ding, Fabi and Radjabov all able to take second. If he wins it's only the game between Naka and Ding that counts for anything.

  2. Payouts are based on outcome, so everyone’s still playing for something. Except for Nepo.

  3. Random generic comment and hoping someone will see and point me in the right direction. Judith’s parents home schooled and developed a pedagogy unique to themselves and set out to prove that nurture is greater than nature (genes). I’m trying to see if something broad came out of that. I’m a parent of a toddler and trying to do my best in early childhood care and education. Perhaps I could reach out to Judith directly if someone has an email address with more specific questions and see if that works out? Thanks!

  4. There was an excellent analysis of this very topic in the 80s that still holds up. I recommend you check out the study conducted by the Duke brothers

  5. I appreciate the effort here. You really took your sails down.

  6. The white Tesla (?) in fast lane was going fast too, almost crashed into the Porsche

  7. Maybe describing the accent she has for people who can't hear well?

  8. This particular scene doesn’t really sound like anything other than a slightly low pitch woman whispering.

  9. Jugyo, related to Chinese zhǔjiào and Japanese shukyou. The first syllable means “master” and the second syllable means “teaching”/“religion”.

  10. Should combine it with turtle above and go with “Master Oogway.”

  11. I watched the original recently via streaming versus an edited for TV sanitized version. I was not prepared for the level of homoeroticism in the unedited version.

  12. FYI, surveys like this should have 2 positives, one neutral, and 2 negatives. They even have a specific name in market research (Likert). Setting it up this way tilts the answers toward the negative.

  13. Speak for yourself. The Anakin/Obi Wan fight on Mustafar was overly choreographed to the point of absurdity. I've never enjoyed it, and in fact laugh at how bad it is. Want to talk about fan film quality? That's it right there, and I'm well aware that its a George film.

  14. I also thought the battle on Mustafar was just okay. Perhaps it’s because it was so built up, we knew it was coming, and just expected it to be absolutely amazing (the original Clegane-bowl!), but it wasn’t brilliant from a choreography perspective. I’ve always preferred Duel of the Fates, where it’s absolutely clear one of those involved is a master martial artist. Some things, you just can’t teach in a short time-frame despite intense training.

  15. This is de facto Star Wars filmography, having multiple different storylines happening at the same time and skipping back and forth.

  16. True, not sure what it is. The cuts just felt more intrusive here. Maybe they were more mid-action, maybe the other fight was just not as compelling and I didn’t care at all about it. It’s just how I felt at the time of watching it.

  17. I personally thought the movie was overall pretty good. I saw it when it first came out then later I noticed a lot of negativity towards the movie. I didn't really understand all of the hate it was getting. The movie had some great scenes and I really liked how they showed us more of the Kree and Skrull societies. I only had two complaints about the movie. I personally felt like Brie Larson's acting was just kind of dry, however, it was her first time playing that character. I don't dislike her as an actress. I've seen her in other movies and I know she can act better than in Captain Marvel. I believe as she plays the part in more movies she'll probably settle into it more and get better at it.

  18. It was actually her second time playing the character. She filmed Endgame before Captain Marvel.

  19. Everytime Loki turns into Captain America or Odin is great.

  20. Just about every actor that has ever played themselves being played by Loki has been great. Tom Hiddleston has apparently given classes on how to act like Loki to fellow actors, and it really shows.

  21. The first? (I dunno 🤷‍♂️ are there more?) kenobi / Vader fight was just like “who cares” to me. I totally agree.

  22. Cast more martial artists and wushu masters, and we can get quality duels again. The Duel of the Fates is what it is because Ray Park is a wushu master.

  23. So, the Lost Finale must be the most recent one? I also was underwhelmed...

  24. JJ was ruining good ideas and stories well before the sequel trilogy.

  25. I don’t recall if Arnold actually said this in the movie, but I still heard it in his voice.

  26. Actually he said “Come on Cohaagen you got what you want, now give this people air”

  27. I specifically called these people out in the article, I knew what I was getting into lol. Actually kind of honored to make it to Subreddit Drama.

  28. Amazing write-up! Found it via this sub. Please continue the excellent job you do with your writing.

  29. Great game by the Warriors. Congrats on a well deserved championship!

  30. Can’t use blood as the criteria. He could have easily just bit his own lip while he was on the ground.

  31. He has a great full name, but nobody is gonna think you’re referring to Kareem Rush if you just write “Kareem. “

  32. The Staples Center was a decent name, it flowed well. Doesnt matter who buy the naming rights, it will always be the Staples Center to me.

  33. We’ve gotten used to it now, but when it was first announced, it sounded like a dumb name.

  34. Most gas stations are franchised and owned by locals. She’ll sold them the gas and the owners are paying for their mistakes

  35. It's absolutely the owners that are going to get screwed. Station owners make pennies per gallon in gas. This will set them back months if not years.

  36. Truth is most parents aren’t paying attention to this. Only a small portion of the American population still hear regularly keep up with vaccine stuff, and an even smaller percentage notice anything odd about Pfizer’s treatment vs Moderna’s.

  37. This shouldn't have mattered, and the FDA had said it wouldn't. We should be far past catering to the lowest common denominator. There is a significant population with kids that are waiting for this, and a few months especially during these Omicron months, make a big difference to them.

  38. Tho it would be funny if his last appearance on screen to the Avengers theme is him going, “What the shit?!”

  39. It’s not just the number, but if that number is just one, then it’s a lot about that number. You never accept the first. After the 3rd or 4th times, it should be acceptable. Then again, anyone that’s witnessed the near-death matches for the right to pay the bill at a restaurant knows sometimes, there’s really no upper limit.

  40. I remember very distinctly watching Crazy Rich Asians and about a third of the way through, I thought to myself- “oh this isn’t meant for me.” It was such a great window into a different genre that was marketed to someone with my interests- romantic Cinderella story with fabulous clothing and beautiful people- but a lot of the plot points centered on cultural norms that I didn’t have the required underlying knowledge to understand how it influenced the characters decisions.

  41. My favorite cultural norm reference is Nick asking Peik Lin multiple times whether she wanted to come in to the party. It’s really true, you have to ask multiple times, and that offer declined multiple times before it’s okay to accept. Even if you obviously, desperately want in.

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