AITA for asking my 16yo to help out with the baby?

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Linus's take on Backpack Warranty is Anti-Consumer

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  1. Maybe forced to resign but not actually fired. I guess they can stop putting her in front of the camera but I doubt her coworkers would want to work with her. It'd be a tense environment for everyone if she stays on.

  2. I’m California that can be constructive dismissal and is considered the same as firing

  3. I feel like he would have been in the standup comedy video. It seems so much like one all 4 would do

  4. There is a shot in that video where you can see someone wearing a shirt that Ned has worn on show before.

  5. This subreddit is 90% complaining about Linus. I don’t get how the fuck you’ll get it’s the other way around when post defending him are downvoted and the ones who complain rise to the top.

  6. Also this dude is currently the top comment

  7. Los Angeles has a weird tradition of not providing fridges

  8. And for some reason I see fridges abandoned on the curb everyday in LA. What's up with that?

  9. Probably people moving and not wanting to bother with their fridge

  10. It’s not safe as currently wired. Future homeowners won’t know that the breaker and wiring are insufficient. If someone plugs in a 50amp welder, kiln, or EV charger they could start a fire.

  11. They would trip the breaker long before starting a fire

  12. My ecobee premium I bought in June has this same problem, roughly 7 degrees off while it's warm inside, but only like 1 degree off when it's cooler, makes it hard to use the temperature offset since it's not a linear issue. What I ended up doing was buying a couple of the remote temperature sensors from ecobee and they read the proper temperature, so it averages down to be pretty close to correct. Kind of ridiculous though.

  13. If you are using remote sensors you can choose to not take readings from the ecobee

  14. Tang you could have a birth control failure.

  15. Townsends is a YouTube channel where they do historic re-enactments of day to day life

  16. Everyone should visit the Valley. It's a no brainer. But after a few times there I prefer the Tioga Road area. Lots of good trails and views. The view of Half Dome from Olmsted Point is unbelievable.

  17. Oh yeah I think everyone should do both!

  18. Practically none while I was there. Driving through grove land and the early parts of the part you could see some, but in Tuolumne it was great. I didn’t really see much in the valley either on Sunday.

  19. Imagine being so miserable that you have to carry around post-it notes to leave on other people's cars. This took time and energy. They're probably still raving about it to anyone that'll listen.

  20. Some EV owners carry post it notes so they can leave notes about being able to unplug or request that someone plug in their car once the current user is done charging.

  21. Also a huge privacy concern - people used to put out books with everyone’s name, address, and phone number in it. Every. Year! You could also just call people anonymously too.

  22. Back in the day cruise ships would post a manifest of everyone on board and their room number so you could find your friends!

  23. I’m getting one that says I❤️SMUD (SMUD is our local utility)

  24. The theocrats don’t care about denominations. And the other denominations have done little to stop the theocracy’s power… doubt they would do anything now.

  25. The evangelical Christians which are the most vocally republican Christians do not like infant baptism at all.

  26. Ok but I think you're an AH if you bring liquor to a party that you care more about than the family member you're there to celebrate. If your liquor is so precious, either give it to them separately and tell them it's special, or bring something you're not going to throw a tantrum about if people enjoy it in their own way.

  27. Yup. I have brought really fancy booze to a party but I kept it in a special place and served it myself because I have opinions on how much people should have and how they should have it. I also don’t bring that kind of booze to a “get to know my future in-laws” kind of party

  28. My friend and I were given a really nice half bottle of whiskey when our colleague flew home a few days early from a work trip.

  29. Hey what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

  30. The second floor is the overflow condensate drain. It’s put above windows or doors so homeowners will notice. Your regular drain (somewhere near but ground level) is not draining and needs attention. If the second floor one stops draining all the condensate water from your air conditioner will start leaking in your house causing a lot of damage.

  31. This comment just informed me I need to clear out that drain! Thank you sir

  32. Mayonnaise! If you have an immersion blender it’s a snap. And it’s so good. I’ll put it on anything

  33. Seriously, who accosts someone else in public for eating something they're allergic to, and then just stands there while that person comes at them with a loaded syringe? That's even more unbelievable than some essential oil immediately curing someone of an allergy rather than poisoning them. Can you even imagine what an essential oil would do to your body if it got into your bloodstream?

  34. Also if I’m allergic to something and some psycho in the park stabs me with a syringe I’m not going to just eat the thing I’m allergic to because they say it’s safe

  35. I’m singing Book of Mormon and sending everyone to sensitivity training

  36. I mean I also see hashbrowns and a steak but if someone made this at home that’s a significant amount of effort for a weekday breakfast

  37. Yeah so hashbrowns are grated potato fried on a skillet or flattop. There is a little bit visible to the left of the eggs. And there is a cut of beef which we would call steak underneath the biscuit which is the bread type thing.

  38. I love going on a picnic with a whole wheel of cheese and a jar of eggs

  39. I was hoping I’d see a comment like this in response to a comment like that

  40. Happy to be of service. Gotta get that waffle party

  41. Since owning an EV makes the most sense when you own your own house I’m not surprised. You need to have at least decent credit to get a mortgage

  42. The YouTube ads are payment to watch the content. The sponsors they add are a part of their content that I don’t enjoy. I’m not obligated to watch every second of every video.

  43. Is skipping the previews on a dvd stealing?

  44. Uhh. He probably has a lot of tax return money headed his way. Like 10s of thousands maybe. Tell him that.

  45. People generally don’t skip filing taxes because they have massive refunds waiting

  46. Does this man not sit on people’s furniture when he visits them?

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