1. Everyone on reddit is a bot except you.

  2. That zard is odd, never seen one in a wrapper before.

  3. Had a Iphone SE (first one) until like 2020 then I got the Iphone11

  4. Apparently buying an electric car and then upgrading to an induction stove in a house that has electric heated floors in every room wasn’t a very good idea and now we’re in talks with the power company to get more juice, we went from 60% self powered to probably around 20

  5. You probably need MV power rather then the LV you probably have. MV coming from the MFSU over your LV coming from MFE.

  6. My electrician is in talks with the power company about it and it looks like there’s no need to change anything physically except for new fuses I think but it’s taking them a while so I’m not really sure what’s going on. Does changing to MV mean having to install new infrastructures or is it just calling the company and sending an inspector to make sure your house can take it?

  7. I mean upteirs mean you get Leo1s on your team though and usa 7.0 - 7.7 is horrid so I don't feel too bad.

  8. I’m 6.7 Italian and I’m facing all this 7-7.7 tier stuff

  9. Or some funny prick hits an enemy or throws a chin (happened once) at a bunch of enemies in a multi zone.

  10. The 10 hour rule (assuming you're in Australia) is through consensual agreement between you and your employer. At MINIMUM without agreement, you need 12 hours between shifts. Put your foot down, do not be abused by your employer.

  11. Damn. They really teach us shit-all about our worker's rights during school, and then just expect us to learn from the experience of having our rights abused... smh 😑

  12. Should really look into joining a union if you can. They are who to contact if your workers right violated. The RAFFWU includes fast food workers.

  13. The paperwork says one. Theres only one box in the picture? Not sure what your issue is.

  14. Was thinking about posting it there but it’s not really a different path then expected to take.

  15. We do on the other half but have no real point for this side.

  16. Reading this 10 hours seems like nothing lol

  17. No. If there is a store manager. Unless the employee was the manager then I guess no one.

  18. Looks like EB games, but who cares. It is useless to weigh packs which was only very selectively useful in modern packs.

  19. Biased, heavily. But Cyndaquill is better due to a lack of fire types especially in the early game.

  20. I enjoy a Rippa RollTM or a Red's Burger BoxTM

  21. When I played caustic, area denial is a great aspect of combat.

  22. Don’t see a reason it’s resealed. Just rip the packs not worth that much. (Yet)

  23. Edgy and obviously just caters to the 12-13 YO fan base.

  24. I got sick of paying for so many dumbass streaming services. It was so cool, till so many companies wanted a slice and too many advertisers did too, and now… It’s turned into TV again. So I went to good will and scooped up a DVD Blu-ray combo player with HDMI out and just sent it with like $200 worth of DVDS and then hit up Facebook marketplace for people’s dvd collection ms because most people are happy streaming, im tired of paying for streaming and the internet to use it. So I’ve been having a great time collecting dvds. No vhs because I just don’t have one but if I could find a little vhs-TV combo I’d go for it too

  25. Most modern thing I own that can even play a DVD is an Xbox 360

  26. Even higher lol. Before they nerfed the 6 hr afk guthans in nmz it was 10-15m at times. I remember in early osrs my bank was around 3m. Pulled 2 spears in 10 chests and sold them for 11m each, felt like such a baller getting fury, whip, etc upgrades

  27. Remember getting b2b Guthan’s spear then the chest. Probably 5 years ago now. Got my first whip lol.

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