1. Flat white or cappuccino made with Lavazza or Campos coffee, full cream milk, no sugar.

  2. Barrett is excellent. I really like his analysis of both Caligula, and Agrippina.

  3. Do think there might be an ancient photo or something?

  4. If there’s no other choice, that’s the only option.

  5. Do you count consumerist icons as culture or features of a culture?

  6. There is rich America and poor America. One has the advantages of a modern first world nation but the others do not.

  7. They might like some new mates to refresh the gene pool

  8. What kind of Nazi flag will you fly in your new town?

  9. Kids believe in Santa and the tooth fairy, it’s just like that. Make sure you have plenty of science in your home as a corrective.

  10. Why not? It’s effortless to check it out with only a modicum of searching.

  11. A perfect example of someone who thinks knowledge and opinion are the sane thing.

  12. Seeing versions of yourself on screen, in books, in positions of authority is important. It is permission to strive for that yourself if you are a minority.

  13. Contemporary US conservatism is a complete disgrace. In reality, it is no longer conservative but a radical, reactionary, proto-fascist danger to all of us.

  14. The most enduring stories that stir our sympathy are about unnamed pioneers who struggle against the harsh country or against greedy squatters, like The Driver’s Wife and the Jolly Swagman, or which tell a funny animal story like The Loaded Dog.

  15. There it is, hyperbole, vague insinuation, data free generalisation, manufactured anecdotes, and all the loaded language persuasive only to conspiracists ….what is baby-blood drinking Nancy going?

  16. No hyperbole, I don’t see how my language was loaded in any way(but if you say my language is reminiscent of the standard conspiracy theorist, I would say that yours sounds a lot like a shill), if you want data than look it up it is all there for you to see, and if anyone in this discussion is insinuating anything it is you, literally your both of your entire arguments are insinuations and you finish off by stereotyping me.

  17. Covid is far more dangerous than the vaccine, and in my country, vaccination rates are about 95% . We are given excellent data:

  18. I like mine on toast double buttered: butter first, then vegetable, then more butter. Yum.

  19. What about the four men recently who raped, killed, cooked, and ate a large monitor lizard in an Indian national park?

  20. You're assuming that the modern GOP cares anything about national security rather than simply their own jobs and pocketbooks.

  21. They hunger to be Iran with a few selected American characteristics: enforce prosperity gospel Christianity on all, suppress and criminalise dissent or difference, intensify jingoistic flag waving.

  22. So, motion sickness tablets every day, especially on the top floors?

  23. Unless you emigrate, you will have to keep your secrets. You could try to study overseas though and give yourself time to find a solution.

  24. My Miele washing machine has been used everyday for 30 years and has never broken down.

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