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  1. I was rolling for Itto anyways, but I got a C3 Itto before I got a C4 Gorou :’) I won all 3 50/50s before that C4 doggo.

  2. It’s not so much a hate boner for healing, but Morgana comp rarely needs it because of the high cc.

  3. I heard there was a sriracha shortage going on? Not sure how accurate that is. But I miss wegmans! The best grocery store on the east coast, there’s none near me now

  4. It’s more so the peppers used to make it are had a low yield or something like that.

  5. How do i delete someone else’s comment

  6. It could even be a mixed thing, like wave defense co-op that gets more and more insane over time. Sounds fun to me

  7. Or even raids would be fun, like how the weekly bosses are. I enjoy doing that coop, but I want it to be more designed for coop and less designed for single player that can be done coop.

  8. That’s what I was thinking. It may not be a box office hit but I can see this movie going down in time as a classic for the gays.

  9. It’s gonna be classic cult gay movie the same way Eating Out is

  10. Gay has and still being used to belittle people. Using it in ways like “that’s so gay” or “stop being so gay” infers that gay is something inferior.

  11. lmao this leaker seems to like hills, they showed the dendro hypostasis fight on another hill

  12. It does. That’s why a lot of people explore with her and Zhong or Kazoo

  13. Wait did you just assume my gender now? Sexism runs deep here at reddit doesnt it?

  14. To explain something doesn’t need to be correcting someone. I explain things all the time, but explaining things isn’t meant for correction: it’s meant for learning.

  15. The commonly accepted definition of a man condescendingly explaining something to a woman, being right or wrong would be irrelevant. Its still a sexist term since you cant apply the reverse to a woman.

  16. Aiiight I’m not looking to change your mind, nor does it seem like you wish to understand the sexism. Imma just leave you be.

  17. You're on the genshin subreddit. Clicking autocook and going to the blacksmith to get an order going doesn't even take a minute per week.

  18. Some days you get home from work absolutely defeated by the day, sometimes Genshin isn’t the first thing on your mind.

  19. What short queen rejected you for you to develop such a complex.

  20. Ah yes, great words to reflect the intellect of someone named bottombaby69420

  21. It’s the short ones you need to look out for, I swear on everything they have an extra spring in their step.

  22. My bestie is 6’8 and walks with him are fun. I may walk faster than him, but he can walk for a longer time

  23. So I need a hat, a colorful shirt, and a comically oversized magic card?

  24. So this is why they stopped including jumbo commander card /s

  25. I think it counts as an Art Sticker, which is a unit, or item. If I were judging, I'd call it a single item.

  26. I’d disagree. It says each item in its art, not for each art sticker

  27. I remember when we changed our disposable utensils from the rigid black ones to cheaper white ones. The name for those were white PP fork/knife/spoon. My ASM and I chuckled.

  28. One combo you can think of is Acerak and Omniscience

  29. Needs haste, but that’s doable. Easier (probable) kill is the classic Nooze-style [[Walking Ballista]]/[[Triskelion]]+[[Phyrexian Devourer]] combo

  30. In EDH there are often overlapping combo cards. This is a card that on its own can be good, but when combo'd with some other cards, which are also a combo in and of itself, has a unique ability to create this ability.

  31. What you’re suggesting is jank. If a deck’s combo is to add counters to planeswalkers, March of the machines and liqui metal coating takes 2 card slots for cards for a strict combo; meanwhile, doubling season or deepglow skate does the same thing and more versatile for the theme.

  32. I think you’ve missed my point and that you’re lumping all casual players as jank. Imma disengage from this.

  33. Y'all be surprised to know that i used to write that but legit to God, bar would come over and ask me what it meant... I just stared them them down and asked them when they last had chem lmao. So it was Tl C O W or V C O W from then on

  34. Would’ve responded with a oh no Cleo, the condensation.

  35. Licensed stores don’t have the same things corporate stores usually have, that goes for their POS as well.

  36. Her eyes don’t smile or twinkle. The rest of her face can be lit up, but her eyes are just black holes void of emotion.

  37. I’m sorry, but this. It’s a lot of folks and OPs here who maybe need to find a different job that isn’t customer service. 🙆🏼‍♀️ The second you’re making customers feel bad for asking for a damn water, you need to reconsider some perspective.

  38. Don’t know why you’re villainizing OP, but a couple of these things are irksome that could be changed if people learned what they’re actually ordering. I know Starbucks isn’t the pinnacle of coffee knowledge, but to order a cappuccino with no foam is like ordering macaroni and cheese without cheese.

  39. OP’s gripe is fine. What isn’t okay is some of this really small stuff that should be a nothingburger when you work in food service… for instance literally rolling your eyes at someone who politely asked for a water at handoff, which has happened to me at stores I don’t frequent often.

  40. Have you worked at a Starbucks? We’re going to grab you that water, but yes it’s a minor nuisance when someone walks up to the handoff and asks for a water because you should wait in line and order at the POS like other people did.

  41. I used to have shifts that would act like my break started the second they told told me to go. They didn’t use timers, but they’d check the time on their phone and keep track. I wish I wasn’t such a pushover then, because that was not okay. But towards the end of my time with the siren, I made sure to make up for it by taking a few extra mins every break ❤️

  42. Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why i shit on company time.

  43. Willy offers a quest called Bug Meat on the job board. When you complete it, he gives you the plans for making quality bobbers.

  44. God damn, who hurt you and why was it Pierre?

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