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  1. Driver Fish: "Dammit Commander, you're the gold fish, you're supposed to be the one to remember!"

  2. Hell I thought a $2.86 order, 8.1 miles from McDonalds was bad.....

  3. If you wish for the app to crash every 2 - 4 orders, be my guest....

  4. The app still runs on your phone when using CarPlay, so it’s just a matter of remapping the UI. In my experience, CarPlay apps don’t crash any more often than device apps.

  5. You obviously don't know how the Doordash got it's name Doorcrash....

  6. Are you serious ? Not good. Do you know by chance how to remove a e mail from FB profile ? When I searched it said you can but when I go to do it won’t let me ? Thanks again

  7. I don't think facebook will let you do that. If it's a issue, close everything associated with facebook....

  8. Wait untill they see the Steam powered traction tractors... (pre 1910's) It's like a land Locomotive! Some even make current tractors look small!

  9. Just think of al the bad things back then and imagine them getting shittier... plus more bullshit stacked on top of that....

  10. So is it a no-go as for as secondary income? Is GrubHub better? I plan on doing this after my normal job and on weekends. Just really need some extra funds right now.

  11. No idea on grub hub as it don't operate in my area (for some reason?)

  12. Where can I download this template?

  13. I bet the delivery that they will use will be Doordash..... so if they don't pay them well enough (or steal the tips) good luck getting food in time..

  14. Well Mercedes wants you to junk that car and buy a brand new one... every time it breaks...

  15. Don't worry... Mario is just checking if Peach and Bowser are up to any shenannighans!

  16. They certainly don't know what the word sample means because they keep charging for those too.

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