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  1. I just saw another post of a similar looking pothos … neon njoy? It looked like global green, but with neon variegation.

  2. Was sold as a pearls and jade but I’ve been told she looks more like an emerald!

  3. The way I had to check to see if it was me cause I did just this a little over a week ago lol

  4. More info would be helpful, light exposure, water schedule etc. but in my experience if this a recent acquisition, this happens. I look at the color of the dieback and once it becomes clear that there is healthy vine. I simply break off the dead vine at the node where green growth stops and wait for the plant to get on with growing!

  5. Yes it is very new, got a few weeks ago and repotted it a few days ago, it’s my inky house inside at the moment because it was so new. Thank you for the help I’ll go ahead and trim!

  6. I’ve had this issue right after repotting my Hoyas as well. I believe it’s normal. I think the plant is just adjusting to its new environment. They always put out new leaves after the adjustment period in my experience

  7. What a thoughtful gift! Love your baby toothpick one. I have a super old adult, spines longer than toothpicks! Stuck myself in the forehead yesterday by accident and it bled! Happy Birthday!

  8. Thank you, I really love it! Hope you feel better

  9. Oh that looks good! I need to do the same with my silver sword. Are they also Hella slow growers for you? I got mine a baby and I can kinda see a tip of new leaf peeking but it hasn't moved in weeks 😔

  10. Mine has actually exploded with leaves since I put it outside! Thus the urgent need for a pole

  11. You can still use a big 💉full of water to put in that boulle or vase

  12. I just mean that until someone buys it they are leaving them without water during a drought too

  13. Have you seen one dried ? Those still have some humidity at the roots

  14. Man, I never get lucky like this! Good for you!! And what the heck kind of landscaping goes on near you??? 😂

  15. When I lived in Florida golden pothos grew like weeds all over our yard!

  16. Put sand at the bottom of pots for “ drainage” :(

  17. Aren’t PEACE Lilly’s supposed to be PEACEful???

  18. What do you mean change type of plant? It’s still Pepperoni.

  19. You can’t change a ruby cascade into a watermelon peperomia though, no matter what app you use

  20. You should listen to the pillows advice and stay home…

  21. I think it was originally just the one heart like many are but it was there long enough and had a node that it was able to keep growing :)

  22. I've had mine for about a year and love it too! I am shocked at the number of "leaves" its put out in just one year. I expected a slow grower, not at all, I'd guess I have 10 new leaves with 4 new ones emerging right now. Literally the main stem goes through a growth spurt and will grow an inch over night! :)

  23. The only tip I have is that they like really intense light. I have mine in full sun outside and it’s doing better than ever. Just remember to move it out slowly so that it can acclimate and not get scorched. I have mine in well draining cactus soil and a terra cotta pot, so I water it about every two days.

  24. Wow that incredible, I’ve only been able to find one that size for upwards of $100, but you give me hope to keep looking :)

  25. Well if you are ever in Tucson then check out B&B Cactus. That’s where this is.

  26. There is nothing terrible about this, it’s hilarious

  27. Thanks! Good to know that it can also be used for rootstock.

  28. Oh my god so lucky that plant is beautiful! I’ve wanted one forever how much did you pay for it??

  29. I don’t see what race has to do with her being a shitty person??

  30. I live in Florida where they grow like weeds, $30 for that plant is very reasonable

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