1. you mean all of us when we first started? margit was a roadblock that stood tall in front of me for hours when i first encountered him

  2. i saw this with fortissax and lansseax. They both catch lightning from the sky like zeus

  3. the stun lock on these mfs almost got me to quit the game before i met the asylum demon

  4. i can help you in a few hours for both bosses if ur up for it. I’m at the gym rn and i have helped tons of ppl beat malenia.

  5. Hmmm I see.....that you haven't read the afterstories, do you know what the mobius system is?and there's multiple ways for them to be scaled to uni even before the afterstories, remember the Zero arc?

  6. afterstories? what? i just finished the WN? What are these afterstories? canon from WN?

  7. huh, i havent read those, will see if my answer changes based on those

  8. Stan Efferding is a huge supporter of SSB box squats for deadlifts. I personally started to love those, Snatch Grip Deadlifts, and adding in a variety of chain/banded work to focus on sticking points and activation problems I'm dealing with as well.

  9. ssb squats for conventional deadlifts? that’s new to me

  10. For me paused dls help when my technique is feeling off, but I never felt like they made me much stronger. Your own mileage may vary. Idk about a specific program but barbell accessories for me are usually 3-4 sets of 5-10 reps after the main work

  11. hmm, i would be lying to say paused hasn’t had much of a difference in my max. The only thing that made a difference was doing volume sets but my body needs more accessories to keep up with it. Maybe i should switch to RDLs, i’ll see how much of a difference it makes. Thank you though!

  12. pontiff. morgott is a pushover at best, not to mention he’s cursed as an omen (he starts coughing in 2nd phase) and he refuses to embrace his curse. If this was Mohg vs Pontiff, i’d give it to Mohg but close fight

  13. Pontiff escaped the painting and enslaved the entirety of anor londo… same energy

  14. then you voluntarily enter mohg’s palace and you discover the abomination that is those stupid birds

  15. *walks to the podium on a crutch: “200 hours in, i can finally say i have beaten elden ring”

  16. they butchered my boy so hard in the manga. This is an abomination

  17. yeah but platforming down the hollow tree was just as painful as it was to reach the three fingers. Now that i mention it, im getting PTSD

  18. did u just get iframes for parrying? cuz i definitely saw you iframing out of the spear dude’s stomp as u parried the sword and shield dude

  19. yes! Password will be red23 ill be by the fog

  20. Apostle is a straight up G. Cool weapon, weapon design well integrated into attacks, amazing fighting style with a fairly unique signature move.

  21. The godskin apostle fight feels complete and well balanced, while the godskin noble fight feels rushed, choppy, and overall unbalanced in his second phase.

  22. who ever designed that roll needs to be charged with war crimes

  23. Just quickly running through Leyndell killing all the enemies, then we fight Walmart Godfrey and then the fetid Omen Ruler

  24. oh shit i can’t, i’ve triggered ashen capital and am unable to do coop at leyndell again. sorry dude

  25. Damn, this is the second time I've made this post and the second time i get this answer. It's not your fault tho, thank you for at least offering help.

  26. it’s just that since the game has been released for quite a while, most people responding would have triggered the end-game change by now, you’d see less and less people still stuck on leyndell

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