1. Based on what little I know of the show and what little I remember of the early days of the BOB dummies, I imagine Joey would have bought it and used it for a week before it became a clothing rack, as we see in this image lol.

  2. I see them a lot in TV and movies. I think it's a common item in almost every prop department.

  3. According to Larson’s Instagram,she’s dressed up as Britney Spears in ths picture.

  4. According to this picture, she is dressed up as Britney Spears in this picture.

  5. I would cancel/return that and get your money back.

  6. Side note. If you want one, get the Fisher Space Pen. It is THE Space Pen, and it's awesome.

  7. It's ok to smoke your own weed at a social gathering.

  8. How is your fever? [What fever?] Oh… you just look hot to me.

  9. Why does it always sound like a door creaking when I’m in the middle of the woods?

  10. Speaking of creaky doors, ever notice that one door in the 2 story barracks, on the first floor at the end of the hall? When you open it, the sfx sounds like it's coming from the other end of the hallway. It messes with me every time.

  11. Can’t this question be asked for just about any article of clothing in the game?

  12. You just need a hatchet or hammer and a can opener.

  13. Because that wall required a front flip to get over.

  14. We are in the Matrix, the robots already took over the world

  15. I'm pretty sure we are CPUs this time, because they have the other Matrix for the batteries

  16. Apparently, the original script had us used as CPUs but that changed to batteries to make it easier for audiences to understand. Humans are terrible power sources compared to everything else the machines could have used. But either way, it doesn't change the story.

  17. Less than nothing because I wont have anything to compare it to, because I wont exist anymore.

  18. Why are they spending Taxpayer money on this? Oh yeah…it’s DFW, one of the shittiest places in America!

  19. To be fair, a mug is pretty mild. Every government agency has stuff with their logo slapped on it.

  20. I would love to see how overly complicated that recipe would be.

  21. Digital returns as in returning digital books to the library, instead of having to return physical books. It's a lot easier to click "return" than to plan a trip to walk or drive to the library during business hours.

  22. But it's digital. Why do you have to "return" them. Is it a licensing thing?

  23. I’ve watched this show upwards of 6 times and I have no idea what episode this shot is from

  24. Me too. None of this looks familiar. And I feel like a big red beanbag would be memorable.

  25. What was hard about doing it? We have a lot of experience with vinyl, but never attempted it on a vehicle.

  26. Take a piece of paper and wrap it around a can. Pretty simple, right? It's basically just a flat surface. Now take a piece of paper and wrap it around a baseball. Not so simple now, is it? It creases, wrinkles, rips... Vinyl will do the same thing unless you become blessed with the black magic that the vinyl gods have blessed a select few with.

  27. My shop outsources most of our vehicle wraps. We print, they lay. Our main guy is always happy to share tips and tricks. Also, if they clearly mess up, the cost of the reprint will usually be taking off of their charge. But sometimes accidents happen and a good relationship is worth just reprinting as long as the job gets done. Your pricing should cover occasional mistakes over time as well as the price of having a professional vehicle wrapper. I'm not the money guy though, idk what anything costs. I don't look at prices, I just print the graphics.

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