‘It’s over’: Twitter France’s head quits amid layoffs

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  1. I wasn’t allowed to say “oh jeez” because it sounded like Jesus. I had totally forgotten that.

  2. We were supposed to go in November 2019, but then they stopped going there. I hope they start back up again.

  3. Yeah, I was lucky to get in in that window of time when we could go.

  4. I’m still trying to get up to the status level where they’ll put a robe in my room.

  5. If you are married and your name is different from what’s on your birth certificate, you should also get a certified copy of your birth certificate. That’s what my travel agent told us for my mom. We just booked a cruise for January, and she doesn’t have a passport.

  6. I think you meant marriage certificate

  7. Is that….is that where the name Mayberry comes from?

  8. I get up at 5:30 to work out. I haaaaate it when my alarm goes off, no matter what time it is. When I figured out that I hate it just as much at 7 as I do at 5:30, so I might as well just get up do it, because I’m going to be annoyed by the alarm and want to stay in bed either way. If I didn’t have to be at work until noon and my alarm went off at 10:30, I’d still be mad about it.

  9. The right is pushing hard for school board seats in the next election. They need to be opposed by competent progressives.

  10. The school board thing just infuriated me. I reached out to every single person on the board and not one person responded. I did get some placating bullshit from the superintendent, but that was about it. This mess was in Vanity Fair and the board just completely ignored it! That’s really what made me even think about running.

  11. My cousin is also a member. She really enjoyed Lincoln Highway and is going to loan it to me. I probably would have gotten that one otherwise.

  12. Thanks all! I think I’m going to go with Black Cake.

  13. Congratulations!!!! We are holding you hostage for an extra 18 hours and then dropping you off in the middle of the night. Your family, your grandparents, your children and your luggage too.!!! Well, 4 AM to be exact. No worries though!!! I’m sure they’ll be plenty of transportation for all 6900 guests, at this hour. Im positive that rental car location will be open 24 hours a day!

  14. I’m wondering if it’s 50% off the rate you paid or 50% off the daily onboard rate.

  15. I have dated multiple guys who have lied about being fully divorced when we met. It’s one of the reasons I’m hesitant to even bother trying to date anyone right now. Wtf is wrong with people??

  16. popped a nipple shield out 😂 not even a full titty. and everyone lost their minds.

  17. I thought this was in reference to the rapist, Brock Allen Turner, but I was not sure.

  18. I’ve heard that rapist Brock Allen Turner is now going by his middle name, so I guess he’s rapist Allen Turner.

  19. Love that the google search for Allen Turner, after some car dealership, is the Wikipedia of the rape case.

  20. The car dealership used to be my client way back when I sold radio advertising. The name is now pretty unfortunate.

  21. Yahoo was like Google before Google was Google. Everyone had a yahoo address, you played games there, could build your own MySpace before MySpace was a thing. Some great forums. It really had it all. Then they just decided to start scooping up every has-been failed company and that's when they fell from the throne. It's like it started acting like a golden parachute machine.

  22. Oh man, I forgot about Yahoo Games. I spent a lot of time at my receptionist job playing Text Twist.

  23. I can understand being a conservative. I don’t agree with them, but I’m a human being capable of imagining what other points of view might be like.

  24. He has publicly said he doesn’t remember winning the Heisman trophy. No matter what side people are on, how could anyone think he’s a competent leader???

  25. I love that I'm not the only person with a "win the lottery" plan 😂

  26. Hahaha! My plan is similar. Definitely paying off everybody’s mortgages and student loans.

  27. HECK YESSS!!! I'm buying my ticket tonight, so same if I manage to win :D

  28. Do you ever check in with him? If not regularly, a Christmas, NY, or Arbor Day card? There aren’t enough Arbor Day cards :)

  29. I do check in from time to time! I just want to let him know there’s somebody on the other side of the ocean rooting for him. And you’re right, there aren’t enough Arbor Day cards!

  30. My grandma had one of these at her house….good for her, I guess.

  31. My prediction: Musk will allow Trump and the rest of the recently banned deplorables back on. Truth Social will declare bankruptcy. Trump will take credit for bringing “Truth and Freedom” back to social media. He’ll shut down Truth social claiming that it has done an amazing job for democracy and it is no longer needed. So to sum up, Trump is back on Twitter, Truth Social was a huge success (like nothing we’ve ever seen) and Trump is an American hero for taking on big tech and winning bigly (like nothing we’ve ever seen).

  32. It blows my mind that Herschel Walker doesn’t even remember winning a Heisman, and GOP voters are still like “yep, he’s the guy for the job.”

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