1. Right? If he thinks women and sexbots are interchangeable he is telling you all he is offering is to use you as a human flesh light. Gross, I’ll take the ice cream and movies thanks

  2. Hey, I've got nothing against being used as a human fleshlight...

  3. So you're down to have sex, are okay with just hanging out and eating ice cream afterwards, *and* you understand the importance of aftercare?

  4. I’ve always found it weird how people often have kinks that often run weirdly contrary their ideology. Like a lot of nazis are either gay or really into raceplay/‘blacked’ shit, and I personally am really supportive of feminism and leftism but am also a total sub who fucking dies when I’m validated by my partner

  5. *Him. They go by he/they now and changed their performer name to Jean

  6. Real talk- I’d be down to be a bosmer femboy any day 😂

  7. This guy, an alleged sexual deviant? Who could have guessed?

  8. Hey, as a card-carrying sexual deviant, we formally disavow this dude!

  9. That’s so disgusting. I think it’s okay to have a kink for forceful sex, but only if you’re practicing safely and consensually with a partner who is equally into it. Unfortunately I doubt that those people have any regard for safe words, consent, and aftercare. They genuinely wish they could rape someone. Ugh.

  10. Boy howdy I'm making the rounds as "resident wholesome noncon kinkster" today. I swear my life is rich and varied and beyond my kinks, it's just I keep all that stuff on separate accounts >.>

  11. Yes, the shaming of sex work and pornography is only going to make it harder to establish it as a proper job and give the workers enough rights and fair pay to continue doing it safely as well as regulations and checks to make sure that a company has to be registered and checked thoroughly to make sure all workers are treated fairly and are all consenting adults.

  12. Yep. Criminalization may be done in the name of protecting sex workers, but really it makes their lives far more precarious.

  13. 'Zard'... That's a word I haven't heard in a looooooooooooooong time.

  14. Yeah lads this is from the game Seeds of Chaos. Protagonist guy is named Rowan.

  15. The thing is that I. Write. Slowly. Often with lengthy hiatuses.

  16. I've had instances where my partner writes very, very little which makes it hard for me. I like to go into some detail, and write a bit longer. People who are looking for a line or two back and forth don't get along with me very well. Conversely, there has been a rare instance or two where someone goes way longer than me. Length is fine, but I couldn't find a place to interject as times when I would have done something unexpected blew right past me only a quarter of the way into her post. That's alright for sex scenes, but not so alright for narrative.

  17. Sanguine Rose, Seeds of Chaos might be right up your alley

  18. Me too, a game with good art and these kinds of scenarios would be great.

  19. Sanguine Rose, Seeds of Chaos might be right up your alley

  20. The all-time great for this has to be The Sanguine Rose. That game's writing isn't just "good for a porn game," it's like, legitimately fantastic. The climax of the story is genuinely gripping.

  21. I'd really like to know where you found that. I've searched the MA lawbooks and can't find any rulings on PDA, or public nudity.

  22. DragonCon hotel sex. That's a deep cut if I've ever seen it.

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