1. All that money is going to the military budget lol, you can move to Canada to avoid estate tax, plus unlimited terms as Prime Minister.

  2. Fuck. Gotta make the jump just adopted a 14 year old to take my inheritance oh 700 Trillion

  3. Yeah lol, Mexico also doesn't have an estate tax, Monaco, Estonia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Portugal etc. Personally I always go with Canada because they aren't that definitely than America.

  4. “Trending with Dan Quayle”

  5. I haven’t watched it yet but oh no poor Cam D: someone said they thought a scene today started up “esme and Cameron” but I hate that idea. He deserves someone WAY better then joss but I just don’t see him dating her cause of what she did to him but also Trina and Spencer.

  6. Yeah, LW needs to work on a more nuanced expression, that look is silly and immature. Like a surprised toddler whose hand got popped for touching something they had been told 100 times to stay away from.

  7. Noticed this too. I bet some of his past experiences are why they booked him for this gig.

  8. Walking Dead also arguably went on for far longer than it should. This took 1 out of the 18 total episodes. I'm just playing devil's advocate here, I enjoyed this episode, just pointing out how your comparison to TWD doesn't sync.

  9. It's hard to say whether it syncs or not, because the show was canceled, We could have gotten many more fun episodes like this that give you a break from the Main story. Sometimes they are necessary.

  10. I mean... they got Hitler. How would a season 3 work? They keep going after random nazis? Pretty sure season 2 was written with the goal in mind to wrap up. Again, I really enjoyed this episode, but it's unfair to compare a show that went on for arguably too long and a show that has 18 episodes total.

  11. The general feeling is that it was rushed, You can tell they wanted to do a Eva v. Hitler power struggle, So it had to be written that way. The cast wanted to keep the show going.

  12. TR split the vote and gave us Wilson, LBJ was a skilled legislator as Senate Majority Leader

  13. The one with Clinton always freaks me out, Imagine not knowing you are shaking hands with a future president

  14. That's just not true though, their economic policies boomed our economies.

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