1. Yeah but how that would help if some random dude just shoots a Celestial Dragon to death, Zoro was about to slice Charloss up if Bonney didn't intervene

  2. What if the person shooting the Celestial Dragon doesn't care as long as he gets revenge

  3. I suppose the fact that they have such small security, and the sheer terror of everyone who they walk by is a writing method. It doesn’t make a lot of sense right away, but in the moment, it shows how long this oppression has gone on. That people don’t even consider it an option.

  4. “Indulging . . . your wife” It’s giving sexist Facebook meme boomer humor.

  5. Or maybe indulging your kids and wife is a part of being a good husband and father while also being exhausting

  6. Hatori about to make his unveiling, he’s the real main player in this arc

  7. I don’t know how, but I’m willing to bet Buggy will end up on Imu’s throne. His track record is literally him failing upwards

  8. This would be peak comedy, in the midst of everything somehow buggy ends up sitting on the throne

  9. Oda will probably make it happen just because of this dialog lol. We joked about buggy being a warlord, and it happened. We joked about buggy becoming a yonko, and it happened. we gotta stop joking around about buggy being the pirate king

  10. This is why I love skateparks, there’s a good chance that’s not even that kids dad and everyone is just stoked on him being such a little badass

  11. Message via telegram from a person I never heared of , even without using this app since 2 years 😂😂

  12. Where is this? Its so confusing. in the mountains, but with a clear blue saltwater, and a shark

  13. I just wanna see a black woman show up and wipe the floor with these white ladys

  14. I'm just hoping it's not some cheesy symbolism for friendship or something like that...I would be so disappointed. But you're right we will find out in about 6-10 years lol 🤣.

  15. Oda said it’s something tangible that the crew can enjoy. So presumably it won’t be friendship, or the journey along the way or something like that

  16. IDKY but it reminds me of a Post Malone pic

  17. Holy shit! Holy shit your gonna be so blown away, I’ve always wondered what it was like to not know the bloody nine while reading the later trilogies. The middle three books, AKA the great leveler trilogy, is amazing too. Read all of them!

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