1. Chad, be strong and don't die. I'm begging you. Couldn't care less about your bitch of a sister though.

  2. I personally hate 3D movies. I always walk out with a headache and feel the 3D is too much of a distraction for what's going on.

  3. They could show Sam and Tara/Sidney and Gale/who the fuck ever... digging up his body and seeing his crushed skull and we'd still get people saying "but what if.."

  4. I know, I was making a joke about people who spam this sub with their Scream fan art.

  5. Ooooh gotcha lol. That went 3 feet above my head 🤦‍♀️

  6. Eh....Samara has zero reasons to ever have to catfish someone lol.

  7. If that's the case, I will riot if we don't see at least ONE of them get killed by the TV.

  8. I agree. Even with spoilers, there were so many "fake" ones that everything just needed to be taken with a grain of salt anyways.

  9. That isn’t my question. What I’m wondering is why Tara is smirking while hanging off the edge

  10. I don't think she's smirking. I think it's just too quick of a shot, and her expressions just misconstrued.

  11. I've never loved the theories that Christina Carpenter was the mastermind of 5 or the theories of her coming in as a killer in a future film. I just can't buy into her trying to kill her daughters. (I know...it's not unrealistic. I just don't find it compelling.)

  12. I hate the cult theories. I kinda got used to there being 2, 3 will be fine ig but 4 or more would just annoy me

  13. Hate the idea of a cult. It's cheap and impersonal, in my opinion.

  14. This wait has been soooo long. Doesn't even seem real we're almost there❤️

  15. This keeps doing the rounds, yet somehow my synopsis about Tara being a coke fiend hasn’t been taken as fact yet?? Outrageous.

  16. I mean...she supposedly gets a little zooted at a party and tries to hook up with a guy...

  17. Might be time we all have a go at our own fantasy synopsis, what do you think?

  18. "After the events of Woodsboro, our young lads have relocated to NYC to start a new life. Sam and Tara are at odds, as they've discovered that not even killing sprees can make them like each other. We follow them through their journey of resentment, while Chad and Mindy just want to go to class...until their professor is brutally murdered by non-other than GHOSTFACE! Kirby and Gale tag along, as their bored and have nothing better to do."

  19. Scream 2 Gale is the best! Courtney looked so good especially in that chase scene!

  20. Dude. Scream 2 Gale is Goddess level. Everyone's always drooling over her neon suits, but I personally prefer the "dark" gale.

  21. I actually really dig Scream 5 Gale, the gold hoops and casual wear for the final act really reignited my crush for some reason lol

  22. The only thing I couldn't get into was the sweater shirt. Just felt they could have found something a little more flattering for her.

  23. When did they tell you all this? Before or after the trailer?

  24. In December. Mentioned ‘GF Memorial site’. Mentioned Cameos, one is under a minute for a previous scream character. Never said he was a die hard fan. Most people who see screeners aren’t. We’ll find out soon enough.

  25. One of my favorites is "how to get away with murder" totally bingeworthy!

  26. Looks like Screenrant reported that's it's the official synopsis

  27. I will say...screen rant is not accurate all the time. And they also will report instantaneously, just for something to report on.

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