how is this a real game

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  1. why would you watch the recap movies of season 1 after season 1 and why would you watch them in the wrong order?

  2. They are not in the wrong order

  3. If you watch season 1, there’s no need to watch the recaps.

  4. I always like to watch litteraly every episode, movie, special, ova, ona, etc. When watching something

  5. Maybe you have to move the game and Octo Expansion into either the console or the SD card both

  6. Bruh battle royale is my best mode


  8. That's not a glitch, it happens after you enter a level then she gets kidnapped again

  9. What? She doesn't get kidnapped again that wouldn't make any sense

  10. In Splatoon 1 Agent 3 is 14, in Splatoon 2 Agent 3 is 16 and agent 4 is 18.

  11. Well splat 2 and the octo expansion canonically took place with the same amount of time in between as their real world release dates so that's why everyone is assuming.

  12. That's not true, octo expansion and hero mode happen at the same time

  13. Was your soul melted or was it just bluff?

  14. The heavy stuff wouldn't fall in a way that would sprain your joint

  15. Yes I'm still looking for all of them

  16. You still don't have all the shrine chests...

  17. They are, have you seen the story of splatoon 2 hero mode its examined in the collectible book

  18. You... You can't do this to me... I... I LOVE THEM ALL... I CAN'T DECIDE!

  19. Haltaman would buy the entire road just to be able to jaywalk

  20. I want to 1000% hero mode and Octo Expansion, I might do these things after splatoon 3 comes out too.

  21. If you posted what I think you did, don't worry that wasn't offensive

  22. “guys dont pick the teams you want to pick”

  23. Learn how to read, i didn't say anything like that

  24. I didn't tell anyone who they should vote, learn how to read

  25. but what am I gonna do if I really don't care at all about the splatfest theme but need to pick a team anyways?!

  26. Then just pick the idol or something idk

  27. Actually everyone gets the splatfests at different times

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