1. Healthcare, enterprise upgrade for our then EMR. Did several before with very high success, so felt fine. Get a last minute call for our weekend long downtime (yes this used to be a full weekend type of update) from the PM….stop the client updates…we have a backend issue and looks like we need to revert back. Okay, no problem, disable the policy in our CMS and issue the command for client to get the new policy. GUESS what, they all executed the “disabled” policy….sat waiting in horror until a very early Monday morning call from the PM that the backend issue was resolved and question if I could make our 7am deadline. I went silent for a bit, and then told him we are 89% compliant. Morale of this story, know you system and what it does, have a back-out plan and sometimes pray you get lucky

  2. I run a Global collection. Hold a real nice edge for a long time, and although a little pricey not to bad

  3. Didn’t have any left over brisket so a chuck roast will have to do. Not a bad smoke ring for a pellet grill

  4. If my gf would put any of my knives in there like that, yeah be a hell of a fight

  5. I actually smoke tenderloins to 150 now bc they're pinkish at 145 for me, too. I think they're fine at 145 but my girlfriend doesn't like the look of them. Can't imagine the 5 degrees makes much difference.

  6. Hahaha, same here even when I show her the sites that explain it’s safe to eat

  7. Thank you all for the suggestions, I will sneak something extra for her to take along as I’m not just using 1/2 my smoker. But she wants the Twinkies and 2 baked potatoes. So might add Queso, as I’m already smoking cream cheese for the twinkies

  8. Hot pepper relish, and some hoagie spread

  9. For a fellow Dutchy I will vote. Good luck 👍

  10. Love the “mandatory” kitchen iPad, exactly what I do when prepping

  11. Salaried here, and 1 of the 2 leads in our department. We don’t do on-call rotation however are backup to on-call if the problem is too complex or access rights beyond a certain level are needed. I take this as part of my job, no extra pay but are given the flexibility to compensate my hours when that happens.

  12. Does help if you clean, made the same mistake

  13. Never used WDS, have a custom process build around iPXE we’ve been using for a few years now and works great. We total about 20k image deployments a year

  14. Couple of 5g buckets with sealing lids

  15. Only have a Costco over an hour away and checked them out, for me in my area Sam’s is just about the same just much closer. Both price and choice wise

  16. Damn, want some of that. Used to travel a lot but up in the NE hard to find any type of gator….this looks like the bomb

  17. Dig out a small area around it, the snow will help keep the cold wind away so makes it easier to maintain temps

  18. Wash, dry, tallow, heat

  19. About 20 hours in on low and 30fps but seeing it’s my only option to play the game not bad in my opinion

  20. Make other dishes with your left overs. Vacuum seal and freeze. Just made left smoked brisket beef stew myself. Left over smoked meats can be used in so many other dishes that leftovers are not really a problem for me

  21. Did you re-join it to the original AD computer object? We always delete the computer object in AD and don’t have the issue.

  22. Email prompted for password…in the middle of work day. Get a text from co-worker and get call at the same time. HR and the Director, department no longer exists. Best thing was severance pay and a fresh start

  23. My gf yells at me every time, but can’t smoke or grill without beer….no matter what time it is

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