What will Trump's prison nickname be?

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  1. Bruh Google the back of a large mouth bass' throat. That shit is literally a living butthole

  2. So when those Southerners are "noodling" - and sticking their fingers into these large bass's throats ...

  3. Gramps still has a fucking solid right, but it's infuriating he had to use it in the first place

  4. Why you trying to go to McDonald's MF? Gramps is handing out combos for free, all you can fucking eat!

  5. You fool, when he nuts, one giant sperm comes out to beat the shit out of you.

  6. Doctor; "bad news is, your sperm count is one. Worse news is it this big and it wants out now."

  7. Since 2005? It'd be like the elevator in the Shining but hot clam chowder. You rush him

  8. Saw postings about this yesterday. But seeing the video today made it so much better than the descriptions I had read. I loved when the arresting officer told him he treats everyone equally.

  9. MF never should have denied his vacation request

  10. The warcriminal reasoning: "if they didn't wanted to be tortured, why didn't they spoke earlier?"

  11. Maybe I'm just too civilized for torture, but it's a lot quicker to kill them and cast speak with dead

  12. So she legally can’t kick her out immediately but can’t she charge her the Airbnb rate she agreed to for every day she’s there? I understand this woman will not pay it, but there must be some legal mechanism to place a lien on an assets or something?

  13. Yeah it seems idiotic to let the person have ample opportunity to take over the whole residence, steal your belongings, eat up the utilities and possibly murder you. Is there a stand your ground or castle laws in California?

  14. You can tell its a dad because he didn't factor in women wiping with tp when they pee.

  15. Yeah that everyone's primary problem with subclasses not starting at level 1, especially since there's classes such as Druid and Paladin, and subclasses of particular classes such as Beast Barbarian, where not having your subclass related abilities at level 1 just doesn't make any narrative sense.

  16. Would like to see that done to someone that’s over 200lbs .

  17. I won't carry you out, but I will wrap you in tinfoil and drizzle you with olive oil

  18. “Why is everything in our state going to shit?”

  19. It's Lois Griffin saying "Nine Eleven!" But IRL

  20. He knows "exactly what needs to be done" to prevent nuclear Armageddon across the globe, but won't tell you unless you reelect him.

  21. Because the answer is to surrender totally to Russia.

  22. I doubt the good guys are interested in cloning the baby, considering they view cloning in general as evil. It was more of a "silence the turncoat so he can't help our enemies or tell them what we were trying to do." Or just straight up punishment for betraying them. Most likely trying to silence him from telling anyone what they were trying to do.

  23. If that's the case (and I think you are right), why wouldn't he be yelling that plot to everyone in the Republic instead of doing a Ted Talk about gene splicing?

  24. Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling

  25. I'd like this if he was actually doing that. MAGA is a cancer in the government and public mind. The red wave didn't happen but that was due to voters not Biden. There needs to be serious vote reform to stop it again.

  26. Saskatchewan has a drinking and driving rate far exceeding the national average. Is it racist to say they have a problem with impaired driving?

  27. The guy CBC interviewed was sitting in a well accommodated Mississauga townhouse worth probably $900,000.00. Having a conversation about a fake college admission scam in March…..

  28. They know if we kicked out everyone who cheated on a test or greased a palm to get thier degree or thier government paperwork in thier home country we would have to deport everyone from South East Asia and China. Once you pull that thread it unravels far .


  30. Why do they compare this dude to Jesus so much?

  31. The only way to know for sure is to kill him and wait 3 days

  32. I’d guess that the guy holding the ladder wouldn’t fit. His head appears to be bigger than the actual holes in the ladder. At least when he gets stuck he’s already at the fire station.

  33. This is training for confined spaces where walls or roof has fallen and need to get through to saves someone’s life where the walls have caved in. The ladder is to simulate and train how to get through small spaces to save lives.

  34. I’d probably draw the line at 8.0 and up. Below that I don’t think the grade is that important unless it’s really rare. I know more about trading cards than comics though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  35. The price difference for ASM 300 raw vs slab is inconsequential until you're at 9.0 and above. It really jumps off at that point with a 9.8 worth 5-10 times as much as raw.

  36. https://www.cgccomics.com/grading/grading-scale/

  37. Why would grown ass people go to a library where story's are being read to children and protest. Because you don't like the person reading?

  38. Because these people who circumcised thier kids and send them to churches filled with pedo priests from a young age are now all of a sudden deeply concerned about grooming, molestation, and genital mutilation

  39. If you look closely, you can see he's blushing. The only thing being stressed there is the dude's pants

  40. Hyena males show submission by displaying an erection, so if this is a Gnoll on the left...

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