1. They were just a random race of humanoid giants who so happen to closely resemble deformed humans and ate people.

  2. Bayverse Starscream already has a lot of intentional similarities with birds if you look closer. Which makes sense as the Decepticon ace of the skies.

  3. Yeah, the Space Dorito with chicken legs is more than meets the eye. I actually really love Bayverse Starscream’s design because of this.

  4. I was up to date with the manga back then, I knew about this ability for years now xD

  5. I still like to think Optimus still pulls through somehow with his ranged weapons (especially the Barrage Cannon) and Energon Blades and Axe.

  6. I feel like that's mainly because it has the sort of Injustice Superman effect where yes, he used to be a really good guy but now he's just kind of a genocidal ass and you kind of root against him because of that. Yes, you could make the same argument for Bayverse Prime but the difference there is that Prime was able to redeem himself and usually brutally murdered people who deserved it, there's also the fact that Prime not only wins but just has a much better and cooler arsenal, I mean yeah being able to zip around like Spider-Man while having swords that can slice through giants like butter is cool, are you really going to say it's cooler than super heated swords that comes out of a alien giant transforming truck robot's hands or a gun that can cause giant explosions? Prime just makes Eren look kind of basic if I'm honest.

  7. I think the main appeal would be to see Optimus Prime tackle The Rumbling and Eren’s Founding Titan on his own. And from what I’m reading in the manga so far, Optimus Prime would also have to face

  8. Okay but wouldn't Optimus get the Autobots by his side if Eren gets the Titans? Like don't get me wrong, Optimus Prime 1v1ing an entire army on his own is pretty cool but why does Eren get an entire army while Optimus doesn't?

  9. I really hope he does lol. Bayverse Ironhide, Hound, and Bumblebee would definitely be of great assistance.

  10. That sounds absolutely fantastic and that would satisfy me immensely to see that onscreen….. unfortunately. I just can’t let myself hope for something THAT complex from a big budget live action Transformers movie…. We’ve all been been hurt before. I worry for us.

  11. But, it’s a big budget live action movie NOT directed by Michael Bay? Shouldn’t ya’ll be happy? I’m confused.

  12. I mean, both SCP and Creepypastas are fan fiction with extra steps of you think about it so yeah lol.

  13. With the power of Rave.Dj and Zoology_Tome's artwork, there will be more to come

  14. Your Eren Prime post lived in my head for a few days and was so good, the song got stuck in my head for one night and wouldn’t let me sleep.

  15. Funny enough, that's my most popular one. I quite proud of it

  16. It deserves to be. Probably the best closest thing I got to a Brandon Yates commission of Eren Prime.

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