1. So we're all wrong and you are right. Instead of calling everyone dumb f#cks and F#ck this & F#ck that you could of posted up the law and highlighted the relevant sections on preemption. Many of us would have been grateful to learn that we were wrong. Instead, you downgraded everyone to dumb f#cks. #UNEEDHELP

  2. You are telling people the exact opposite of what the law says and acting like it's not a big deal. You're a moron who wants to talk about your interpretation when you admittedly haven't read anything. That's just FUCKING DUMB.

  3. It's not really a mission. FFLs are public record, search up Oak Lawn and you have it. It's break time, have fun...

  4. I legit don’t know one man who washes his hands after he pees. It’s disgusting.

  5. I don’t have to be in the bathroom to hear the sound of urinating, the toilet flush, and then the man walks out of the bathroom before the toilet is even refilled. Dry hands. It’s damned obvious.

  6. That settles it, i'm splicing my genes with gorilla DNA.

  7. Convincing one to follow such a loveless routine would be impossible though. You can't motivate them to follow a full body routine working out to failure

  8. How do you know? If only Dian Fossey had been more like Nicole Bass...

  9. Where are those 15yo getting the money for gear, don't they parents suspect something when the little bastards start looking that way?

  10. Doable... it takes more time, recovery is slower, and everything it seems is working against you... but doable.

  11. Cuticle nippers. Cut those fuckers off before they tear... they'll be back in a few days.

  12. I love that subreddit... There's one with a fit woman doing pullups with a 5lb weight dangling from a butt plug... It would only be better if she made the sound of a window closing on a Tonkinese cat's tail while she did it...

  13. Federal law... an unlicensed individual is prohibited from transferring a firearm to an individual who does not reside in the same state as the transferee... 18 USC 922-ish.

  14. It's not just a shipping company's policy... it's the FEDERAL LAW cited... Hone harder...

  15. Old comment, but a complete lower that comes with no stock or brace should be fine to install a pistol brace on, right?

  16. Yup, exactly. Was looking at one from Aero lol.

  17. My dude, it's test... it's not experimental gamma radiation. Bust your ass for 12 months and check back in...

  18. Do you know where we can get some of this gamma radiation you mentioned?? DM me your source bro!!!

  19. So glad to see this. I keep saying people say "I'm done in 45 minutes" or "if it takes more than an hour, you are doing it wrong" or other shit like that.

  20. The same stupid questions that have been answered 87 times in the last month. Scroll you fucking simps...

  21. Yup! The Illinois Concealed Carry act establishes preemption for the regulation of handguns, I.e handgun regulations are the exclusive right of the state government and override Chicago and Cook county’s regulations.

  22. Say "thank you," and let her know I'm here to eat her ass anytime....

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