1. I can't wrap my head around how Cal Eldred lasted five years as a pitching coach. The Royals staff only had an above-average ERA+ once under him, and that was 2020.

  2. Him, Dayton, and Matheny probably all went to the same church.

  3. I hate it. None of my friends ever seem to be at the same time in the game, which makes live chatting about it almost impossible. My internet is good, but it buffers/gets pixelated often. The crowd noise sounds off. I’m glad the Chiefs don’t play on there again this year

  4. This is what taco johns is for all day every day. After my last experience I'm never going back to Taco Bell fuck them.

  5. Taco Johns breakfast burritos are amazing, too.

  6. One of the other books was offering a promo with +100 for Judge to have at least 1 walk

  7. There’s something oddly satisfying and childish about yeeting someone off the map with the repulsor and getting a “mind the gap”. I giggle like a child every time.

  8. This makes me feel claustrophobic. Is there any airflow at all? Seems like it could be a humid sweat box in the summer.

  9. Getting major Clockwork Orange vibes when you pulled the blanket down when she wanted to look away

  10. Had Kareem Hunt o15.5 receiving yards in a few bets. Dropped a pass that would’ve gone for 8ish yards in the 4th quarter. He finished with 14.

  11. Yeah man. At my gym the spin classes come out at 7am and they walk past the free weights. I go dead eyed staring in the mirror, making eye contact with myself or become part of the ceiling and floor inspection team.

  12. I hate when I’m grocery shopping and by coincidence follow an attractive female down multiple aisles. I usually end up changing what I’m shopping for because I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable and make her feel like I’m stalking her. I’ve seen too many Facebook posts about “creepy guys” at Walmart or whatever. I don’t want that to be me. And of course, I want the woman to feel safe. I feel bad for them that they get harassed

  13. Brag: had parlay of Bills -10, o47.5 (whew), Eagles -3, and u49

  14. I quit parlaying and started making money once someone told me this. There’s no magic odds boost when you parlay (unless the book gives you a bonus for more legs). If you put your wager + the winnings on each individual game it’s the same payout.

  15. There’s a reason a lot of the bonuses for the books are parlay odds boosters. Books know that most parlays lose.

  16. I grew up in Canon City, CO with the Royal Gorge Bridge. There's also the Supermax prison for... forced tourism shall we say?

  17. Hey, there’s a prison museum… and other things?

  18. Great broadcast, but streaming it sucks ass. There were multiple times where the video quality got so pixelated I couldn’t see what was happening, most notably on the onside kick. It also seemed like my stream was behind some of my friends and their stream. Made us texting back and forth about the game a little rough. First world problems, I get it, but still annoying.

  19. were you streaming through a roku or similar device? it was god awful for me. but my smart TV has prime video built right into it, it was much better after that

  20. Rhys also played "The Leg" in The Replacements.

  21. He was also Dr. Curt Connors (aka the Lizard) in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man: No away Home

  22. I love winter. I love that all the bugs die. I love that I don’t have to swat mosquitos constantly. I love that I don’t have to mow. I love the silence of a fresh snow. I love how refreshing the cold feels.

  23. Be disciplined and never chase losses, tomorrow is another day.

  24. Shhhh! The Hawaii game is gonna make up all my losses from the day. I know it! I just need 4 more touchdowns in the last 5 minutes.

  25. They had better sort this shit out before my trip to Chicago in November. I can’t be 2+ hours late. I have shit to do.

  26. You’re going to be late. The train that goes from KC to Chicago started its journey in LA or Albuquerque. All those stop across the continent and maybe they stay 5 minutes late at a few of them. Maybe there’s a freight train that they have to stop for 10 minutes for. It all adds up by the time it gets to KC.

  27. In order to properly visualize my games I created replica stadiums and hired actors to play opposing fans. I work through different flow charts and scenarios in order to perfectly prepare for every inevitability. Btw if anyone hasn't watched the rehearsal you should it's surreal.

  28. “As it turns out, maintaining winter is expensive.” That line had me in stitches

  29. I live in St. Joe and as a fan of space things, I had been looking forward to the eclipse for many many years. “Supposed to be one of the best places in the world to see this and I don’t have to leave my house?!”

  30. Personally, I think that’s a terrible idea.

  31. For the record, I think the legal age to buy tobacco is now 21 as well.

  32. I’m with you. I had started reading Fire and Blood when it came out, but as I’m wont to do, I made it about 100 pages in before never finishing it. This is a problem I have with a lot of books, even ones I am enjoying. However, after the first episode I’ve picked back up the book. I had to restart because, much like Dany, I had “kind of forgotten” about what I had read that far.

  33. I appreciate how “meh” the Lannisters are in this time period

  34. “Even his pride had pride” or whatever Viserys said made me chuckle

  35. I read the books before the series came out, and the way the red wedding develops is just as shocking and equally confusing. This show was really good when they had the books to go with

  36. “Don’t cut my hair. Ned loves my hair”. Brutal. I think the fact that you’re getting Cat’s thoughts makes the book even more messed up.

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