So happy for this little doggo

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my MIL cut my son's hair without asking...

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  1. So Lauren Blowjob thinks Biblical Citizenship Tests are a good idea?!

  2. Resting the dough after you make it into bolitas is key. My Suegra says so.

  3. Extra points for using the word bolitas to explain because how else the heck is there to explain!? 👍🏻

  4. Well, I will now never think of Herman Cain without thinking HCA. So, HCA will be an extended version for anyone not vaccinated when it’s just that easy to avoid unnecessary illness, severe illness, or worse, IMO.

  5. Owner: I refuse to make less profits, deal with it as you give me your money.

  6. It’s not you. Go cry it out, run/ exercise it out, binge tv it out, self put it out but don’t lose your inner light of goodness and truth. One day at a time, heal. Start to stay positive in thoughts and be kind to yourself. When I get overwhelmed emotionally and start to cry I have started to go for a run with fast paced music or do a HIIT or dance (Apple Fitness) workout bc it occupies my mind as I huff and puff to keep up. Then the workout endorphins kick in and it has helped tremendously. You are not worthless. You matter.

  7. Wind is huge importance in my cult. Not water because who needs water when you’re wet? Once you’re in water you’re always wet. Who needs water when you’re wet? Once again this proves my cult is the most intelligent.

  8. Now I want to open my black beans cans and check to see if I will end up making hummus!

  9. Thank goodness for athleisure ! That’s a lot of effort to go about town! The ladies’s waist are tiny bc of the corsets, that and no fast food.

  10. Taking away female independence one law at a time. They want women to “need” a man because they’ve legislated away independence. It will be CRIMINAL for women to be independent.

  11. Instead of using the term “bitch or pussy or girl used in a derogatory manner (throws cries like a girl” I use “dick” for everything. Or “little dick” to really drive it home. Works wonders. Like” bitch” is reserved for “bad bitches” that impress!

  12. Women everywhere: It’s so brave to go out without makeup!

  13. that teething cutie pie needs some frozen baby carrots when you get inside so he doesn't treat your rugs, carpet, shoes, chair legs like he did the lawn! A tasty snack and cools their gums and saves the furniture. great to re-direct when he starts to chew on things that are a "NO!" congrats on the puppy! =)

  14. My MIL writes over the top emotional texts like this and I see right through this BS.

  15. My NMom & I had a screaming argument, in person, at her house. My parting shot before walking out of her door was 'no matter how much you regret the words you've spewed here in the future, you've made your bed, now lie in it' Almost 11 yrs later, I've seen her maybe 5 times (including family funerals, never through choice) and spoken to her the grand total of 0 times..

  16. I am inspired by your parting shot. Will remember it and use it when necessary! Happy healing to you.

  17. Was that English?! What a horrid accent!!! My ears bled.

  18. I must say that I thought it odd that a (very) rich white woman of her age died…. I read the article when the headline came out and immediately thought it was extremely suspect. Let alone the timing of Trumps to testify??! Delay sure, but I still think they won’t end up testifying in the end. What a bunch of crazies!!!!

  19. The dad forgot to ask the phone how it felt that it wasn’t asked if it want the alteration done. Ah, just like the dad doesn’t care what the daughter/ women feel. Not to mention that the phone is an inanimate object and his daughter/ women armrest not.

  20. No. But the NParent is always the biggest victim EVER of what ever the situation, even the ones that have NOTHING to do with them.

  21. It's not that it's not working, he's just changed tactics. It's still working, he's just recognized that that's what you're doing. Think of it assss...... you're locked out of your house, and after trying to open one window, you're now trying another window. (At least that's how I see it)

  22. Love your example! May your house’s foundation be and stay strong!

  23. Just one??? Awwwww! Congrats! Frozen baby carrots for te chewer they will be. It’ll cool their gums and nice snack.

  24. That’s a great idea!!! Thank you. We freeze hotdogs for my chihuahua as it is- but carrots are obviously a much healthier alternative lol. Appreciate it :)

  25. Congrats again! You will do amazing! Just train since day dot! So much cuteness will require lots of love and lots of patience! The puppy will be curious but always eager to please do train up and love with abundance.

  26. Gracias por su post! Me encanta aprender de lugares interesantes en Durango. :)

  27. And that’s the last time that grandmother got unsupervised visits with him!

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